The Remake and Take

The Barbie workshop was held in the parking lot of the Ten Women Gallery and it was very busy with people streaming through all day at a steady pace. While I did the Barbie thing, another member demo’d voodoo dolls and another member did henna and face painting.

The weather was overcast and very humid making the Barbie drying time much longer, still we managed, a few gallery members and a few people from the community participated.

One of the women who took the workshop (Dagmar) is a liason (sp?) for the German furniture company “Vitra”. Vitra makes designer chairs by the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, and Charles and Ray Eames. They also make miniature versions that are the perfect size for Barbies! and Dagmar offered to lend me some for the exhibit in August.  Take a look at them they are gorgeous!!! 😀


I also met a guy who works as a Barbie designer for Mattel! Yes way! 😀 I asked him if he could design a Barbie with paintable legs because paint does not adhere well to the rubber, he said just rough it up with sand paper, so I will give that a try. Still, I think it is a good idea to create Barbie blanks for people to do their own thing, like munnys. I told him that someone had said to me “I was going to burn in Mattel hell for what I have been doing to Barbie, but (keep it up)” and he, Jeff said, oh no, Mattel loves it whenever anything happens around Barbie. And he said that he would be coming to the opening reception for the exhibit and bring some of his colleagues as well 😀

I brought supplies so people could either make the white cat Barbie or the black cat Barbie since I thought for sure they would want step by step instructions, but not one person made a cat! they just did their own thing!

This is Deborah with her wild  Barbie~~

Outione with her Barbie

Cola, doing henna


4 Responses to “The Remake and Take”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Priming the doll with plastic primer first also gets rid of the stickiness. But you have to make sure the dolls legs are bent/positioned the way you want them before you prime them. If you bend the legs afterward, the primer sometimes flakes off.

  2. Jen Says:

    Oh man those are very cool Barbies! Isn’t it interesting how so few people will change her face?? I wonder why. And that Mattel “enjoys anything happening around Barbie” pleases me. I don’t necessarily believe it. But it would be lovely if they truly did. 😉

  3. tricia Says:

    thanks for the tip Nicole, I use fusion spray paint as the primer, but will see if I can fine some”plastic primer”, or maybe you have a recommendation~~

    Hey Jen, yeah I find that people are often intimidated by the faces~~

  4. Carla Says:

    How long did it take to finish some of the projects?
    I seem to always run into a sticky problem when I spray the doll!