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art doll swap

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Back in January (oh my its shamefully long) I agreed to do a swap with the sweetest ever friend Anna O’neil, (no link she is taking a break from the internet for a while) and I finally got around to finishing it. I have been so busy with moving etc and then finding myself fussing so much over this piece (just wanted to be sure I liked it enough to send her on) that it has taken that long.
art doll

I have been uploading work to my etsy daily (well for three days so far) because I have quite an accumulation of work and partly because I am a procrastinator putting off uploading stuff in favor of making more stuff. So, I am listing original works at reasonable prices.

In other news, its finally HOT in Ojai, and our backyard is almost ready for sod (oh joy joy)

Anna O’Neil

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Flickr friend, Anna O’neil bought a painting of mine last year and this year she had it framed, I am thrilled to see how beautiful it looks and how sweet it is when collectors display the art with integrity.

I noticed she posted some images to her flickr photostream of a recent installation she did and I just love how it looks and what the thinking was behind the piece. So, I asked Anna to tell me more and this is what she says:

The piece was part of the work presented at the Chiddingly festival in the UK.

Anna explains: “Babes in the woods came about from tiny little dolls I bought in flea market in Berlin. I arrange them occasionally around the house but am far too fond of them to paint them.”

I’m struck by how they seem to have sprouted right from the ground in a most natural way, yet appear to be flying.

Anna elaborates: “Babes in the woods is a pun on the fairy story where two children are abandoned to die in woods. The woods to me is the subconscious and these white baby figures each with a blue mark are symbolic of various things, little white lies that cling, outright horror of half remembered incidents that haunt, babies that will never be held, an outpouring of the soil releasing infants all attched with taut black umbilical s. ”

“The white baby figures are all ascending into the canopy, into the light, little cherubs maybe, they seem distracted only the one in the lead is buoyant, arms outstretched. They are the secret wishes, the unfilled dreams that tease and taunt, the are all the same colours white with a patch of Blue (layered up in 4 blues). Blue represents the blanket anxiety that exists for each one and the cold physical feeling of heartbreak.”

I so wish I could have experienced that in person!