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Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Its been about a week of relentless health issues that have prevented me from being as prolific as I like to require of myself, yes I know everyone needs a break now and then but um I would like to decide for myself when to take that break. I often fully expect my mental ability to over ride my physical ability so that I can still can be productive.  This past week  the mental determination simply did not win over the physical.  Today was a bit better and I hope I can finish up what I have been working on and get started on several things I have in mind. When I’m feeling well there just isn’t enough hours in the day, love that.

This is one dunce of a series of dunces without wings. ;D

 I’m not to pleased with his dunce cap as its not tall,thin, pointy enough but he still looks good to me.

With Girl Wearing a Scarf I was interested in changing the profile of the doll, just as a point of interest so I decided to make her appear to be moving like in a motorized skirt with her hair flowing behind her. The images are a bit blurry even after adjusting them in photoshop but I didn’t want to redo the photo shoot so maybe tomorrow.