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Give away by artist Megan Noel

Saturday, October 1st, 2011


Her watercolor work is divine, and this is a sweet one for october. Visit her blog to enter.

Glorious Day

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

my gosh its been a glorious day. Not everything went “right” or as planned but it all went well! The weather was delicious, really, could just inhale it 😀 My head feels as light as a feather, and all silky.

After hair treatment (3 hours no less) I picked up J and we went and had Vietnamese food for lunch, (I had shrimp soup) and then we made our way to LA, naturally getting lost. Honestly, we don’t venture far from home often. :b

I drove and J navigated since I have NO sense of direction, truly lame I am. We made it to La Luz de Jesus in spite of ermmmmm several trafficky obstacles. grrrr. BUT, parked nearly right in front of the very busy little bookstore and gallery.

Bllllooooown away by Scott HOve’s incredible work. “CAKELAND”



Cakeland is a series of sculptures and installations resembling perfect delicious cakes– wall mounted, hanging and standing– and walk-through cake environments complete with their own lighting.

The sculptures have all of the appeal of the best cake you have ever tasted, but can never be eaten. The nature of edible cake is fleeting, lasting only as long as the brief celebration it was made for. These cakes last as long as the artist or society have the wherewithal to preserve them.

Being such a destination of beauty, Cakeland requires that it be equipped with its own defense, because the reality of beauty and perfection is that people want to possess it. The sculptures, with their display of beauty and potential for satisfaction, lure the viewer into a sense of anticipation. The viewer will slowly notice that Cakeland contains defensive elements, not immediately seen, that create a sense of anxiety and fear. This in turn creates a visual and emotional resonance that is intended to represent what we all have to deal with in our lives everyday… the hunt for satisfaction, and the anxiety that we won’t get it. Cakeland is also a celebration of the artificial, and acknowledges our tendency to embrace the artificial in order to feel safe or receive emotional gratification. Cakeland also can serve as an analogue for the search for temporal love; the experience can be incredibly sweet and indulgent, punctuated by moments of insecurity and terror.

The sculptures are formed using carvable rigid polyurethane foam and plywood. The installations are constructed of cardboard, plywood, and any found object that has a suitable form. They are frosted with a variety of acrylic media, using traditional cake decorating tools, and accessorized with fake fruit and other objects found in stores or on the street.

more can be seen here: Scott Hove and here Hove

He also draws with light, paints and creates web like structures with rope.
I hurriedly browsed through stuff, cuz the hubster can be impatient though he was trying not to be and I managed to not spend too much. But had he not been with me I surely would have taken a full nother hour to browse. surely.

The Wind extinguished her candle

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Three doctor’s appointments down and three to go. Just taking one day at a time trying to get through them.

Been watching Simon Schama’s Power of Art on pbs, Last night it was Van Gogh and then Picasso. I have seen several portrayals of both artists already but it still interests me. In particular in the Van Gogh piece was the part where Vincent eats a tube of  yellow paint, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I recalled (not that this is any where near as heinous) Jeffrey Daumer eating human hearts so that he would always have that person with him, Vincent was so enmeshed with painting he seemed to want to be the paint, one with the paint, quite insane really but I do think I understand it.

Picasso will always be interesting to me even if he was a raging misogynist. It never ceases to amaze me the abuse people will allow themselves to endure in order to be close to or associated with fame.