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Finally, from Calabasas, to Ojai

Friday, June 1st, 2012

If you have been following along with my blog posts you know that I have been transitioning from one house to another for months now. Well, today marks the end of that, it is our final moving day. We hired a small crew to help with the remaining items in the garage. Once everything is in Ojai we are going to disseminate more of what we don’t need. The purging, the cleaning and the organizing is teaching me that I don’t want to go through this massive amount of effort ever again. My new motto, simplify simplify simplify. If and when we do add on or expand to the current home, I still want minimal furnishings. I have so much art that we will never need to buy another decoration. Anyway, the end is in sight! holy good gratefulness. Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity in Calabasas, with an electrician working on exterior lights, the living room being painted, the carpets being shampooed and a cleaning girl cleaning inside cabinets etc. We have encountered several black widows in the garage and some other eerie arachnids, erghhhhhhh. So we sprayed the garage and today need to wash and clean once its empty. I am anxious to get to work in Ojai, so I can get back to creativity. right now my little studio space has only a path in which to walk through because of so many boxes of art and supplies. I’m looking forward to making rocks and some busts, some hypertufa planters, some mosaic stepping stones and of course painting. My life will be busy with that and gardening, heaven on earth, 😀 Thanks for not abandoning my blog and I promise, there is eye candy forth coming.

Become dot com and Pocket Change

Friday, May 25th, 2012 is a shopping search engine, and a product research site. There are product recommendations, as well as an internal shopping blog with reviews and advice. allows you to comparison shop prices and products from multiple sources. If you are an online shopper like I am, this is a smart site to use!

Pocket Change is the blog for which I recently learned about after an invitation to be featured in one of their sections called “Best of the Web”. I am delighted to be included amongst several other interesting blogs, have a look see by clicking on the red highlighted word above.

Happy New year to readers of Tricia blog

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Happy New Year!

statistics show that readership more than doubled between Jan and Dec of this year, for that I am very grateful and inspired to continue blogging.

May 2011 find you bursting at the seams with creativity and blissful moments of joy and wonderment*****