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Cresendoh, Bridgette and Felice

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Felice Perkins has a blog where she features various artists that she likes, she kindly chose my work for one of her features, Its an honor to be featured on someone’s blog, so I want to plug her blog a little in gratitude. If you have a chance, check her out, some of the other artists she has chosen are really special.

Felice Perkin’s blog here

Also my art bud Bridgette Guerzon Mills is featured on “Cresendoh” Jenny Doh’s blog of somerset studio and Bri was asked to link to some of her favorite artists, I am honored to be a chosen one:D Her story is very sweet, I think you will like…

Art Saves


Thursday, November 18th, 2010

snagged this from my friend Bri, she found it somewhere. just lovely words to begin the day with.

“At this moment, I reflect upon the meaning of my life. I harbour within a vision of my most perfect self, a dream of what I could become. Today I will pursue this vision and work toward making my dream a reality. In this way, I will give meaning to my life.

Like an artist painting a picture, I will pause, step back from the canvas and consider what needs to be done. This will be a day of reflection. As I hope to make my life a work of art, so may these moments of contemplation help me to turn back to the canvas of life to paint a portrait of my most perfect self.

This day and every day hereafter, I will hold before my eyes the vision of what I am becoming”.