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working out some ideas for tree fems

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Scanned image
tree fem

This is graphite on vellum bristol board


tree bust

photos taken with instagram


Not satisfied with this piece, so, I will live with it for a while before making any further decisions…

and Happy hoppy Monday, dish towel brought to you by my momma made
MOnday monday

I love my embroidered dish towels so much that I rarely use them, I hang them for decoration and then use the same old raggy towel for drying 😀

I go out walking

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

From yesterday’s walk around the hood, flowers.

And the sweetest goat ever.

He turns a wary eye, as if to say, who are you?

Later on during the course of the walk, a very thin cat befriended me, hugging my legs round and round and I just knew if he/she followed me I would have to adopt. I do think when animals find a person, they are meant to be in the family. The hub did not agree LOL!! Luckily the sweetie cat did not follow me, I really need no more pets at the moment. Although, there is a baby bunny inhabiting the weedy grass in the front yard. The CuTeSt little, not very skittish cotton tail. We have seen him the past couple of days, close enough to the front picture window to watch him eat. I do have a fondness for bunnies of any kind, yes I know they eat up all the greenery. :b

Giclees on Wood

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Giclees on wood

I started making these back in 2007 for my space at the Ten Women Gallery. The wood block pieces sold really well but they are tedious to make, and I as a typical artist want to do the creative stuff. Reality dictates that I need to start making these again.

I begin with a smooth knot free block of plywood, about a quarter of an inch high. I have the blocks made by someone else becuase there are some these I have no talent for and wood work is one of them, not that the wood blocks are all that difficult but they do require precision. The back is slotted for easy hanging.

The acid free giclee is trimmed to size. I use a ruler and exacto knife, the trim has to be exactly aligned with the edges or the print will not look right on the wood block. The wood block is then painted with “Perfect paper adhesive”, one of the finest glues available. I choose it over mod podge because it is not sticky and paper will not curl up. After the print is adhered I set it under a stack of heavy books so that it drys perfectly flat. I allow it to dry for at least two hours. Then I either paint the sides with acrylic or a color stain or a designer ink. This is tricky because one slip of the hand and there is paint on the surface of the print, not good! I don’t paint the sides ahead of time because I want the edges of the paper to be painted as it has a more finished look. Finally, the giclee has an enhanced matte surface to which I apply a uv resistant gloss lacquer which I love!

Some artists use mod podge but its very thick and has a stickyness I don’t care for. I buy the lacquer, “print shield” from digital art supply which is a great place for all things prints and printers. When dry the wood block is ready to hang and mimics an original painting but is far more affordable.

These two wood blocks are available in my etsy shop

From one of my most recent paintings: “Branching Out” Sometimes branching out may mean pulling up roots which can be both exciting and a dilemma. Its a feeling I am currently experiencing as we are going through escrow.

And this one from one of my favorite paintings “A Fish Out of Water”. Have you ever been at odds with what you are doing or where you are at. Since I am a risk taker its a feeling I have experienced often in the past especially, (now that I am older I know myself a bit better), the painting implies embracing that feeling, after all, most situations do change or get better with time. Embracing the feeling is embracing the self to transcend the moment, to accept what is without resistance. Bet you didn’t know all of that was being conveyed!

This wood block is only three inches wide because the actual painting is very long and narrow.

Girl With Bunny

Friday, January 21st, 2011

girl with bunny

This painting was a commission for a girl with bunny. The young woman in real life refers to her boyfriend as “bunny” and his nick name is “boo boo”. So I put a tattoo on the ear with his name. Then, a bandaide on her arm to signify a boo boo. The carrot earrings are self explanatory and in the back ground impressionistic carrot patch. I had fun with this and it was a challenge

Study, of blonde hair, girl holding a bunny

Friday, January 14th, 2011

fourteen inches, a small painting. oil on canvas.

Cuz its Thursday

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

One of the dish towels my momma made and gave me last year. Its that bunny time of year and I adore fine craft.

dish towel

Happy New Year

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

I’m working on papier mache hearts that I need to have ready soon for a gallery over in Pasadena, and trying to clean my art room and then starting a batch of small figures and getting my torso ready for the Art doll round robin i am hosting. Oh! and working on my paper toy for!!

 I’m wishing all my art buds complete unbridled creativity in 08. And for collectors and appreciators who read here, may your eyeballs never run short of the candy, and may those extra bucks find their way into your pockets so you have the money to grace your walls or your life with the imaginations of the artistically inclined!

For my art buds, remember that artists, like writers and musicians are magicians, creating from nothing, with a germ of an idea we create the magic that feeds the soul, and the spirit. So, whether you do it part time or full time, may your well not run dry this year, may the ideas overflow as you  wake each day with blissful intention and may your adversitys, your road blocks and mind blocks be minimal.

for those of you raising kids, or working jobs, here is hoping you find the time to sing your soul, at least once a week, at least for a couple of hours. That is my wish for you.

While I would love for your etsy shops to explode with sales, its not really about the sales. Heres hoping you explode with enthusiasm for developing your own vision, without fussing or fretting about what people think or if it will sell or not. When you create for the joy of it, for the learning of it, when you lose time while doing it, then you know you are living your best self as its about the journey, the outcome is simply the residue of that journey. Not happy with the first one, it means you are suppose to make another, and another and another, as an artist it is your job to create! quit cleaning the studio and buying more supplies! create! and that is what god wants you to do, and remember you don’t have to show every thing you make, be your own best critic and  don’t let dissappointment paralyze you, let it compel you, be on a mission, the more you make, the closer you get. Let your intuition direct you, no fear this year, thats my philosophy, hope you like it. XO

His Master’s Nectar

Monday, December 10th, 2007

This is the print I recieved from Reevo ( titled His Master’s Nectar, its just brilliant and more beautiful in person. The color and luminescence of  the gold in the hummingbird and phonograph does not translate well to the monitor, it absolutely shines and is a beautiful contrast to the darker areas. its slightly cut off as its a bit bigger than my scanner. I’m quite pleased to be the owner of this piece.

Brian over at "Nice Bunny" purchased a painting of mine over the weekend and that is how I learned about  Nice Bunny, Cool art and even free downloads for paper toys, if your looking for something unusual for Christmas check out

Things are going well today!!!