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Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Temps are way to high in southern Cali, I’m melting. 

I’m thinking about listing giclees and prints on ebay since all fees are waived for the month of September.

repeat visitors here know that my brother passed away recently. I kept a few cds that he had, like Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and a few others I thought I would give a listen to. I’ve actually never listened to the full albums of any of these because generally I don’t care for hard rock. Anyway, I’m really loving Dark Side of the Moon. I’m just not sure if I can get through Nine Inch Nails however.

Life in southern Cali

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

Its delightfully overcast this morning. The overbearing heat in sunny southern Cali does not make for a lot of energy. Best to get some yard work done early and my neighbors apparently think so as well judging by the continuous hacking or axing of something.  I think I really need an expanse of land surrounding our home so I can’t hear the neighbor’s noises and well they probably think that about us too since the pugs diligently yak at every squirrel or lizard rustling the bushes.

Three Hands are Better than One

I created a homemade bird bath by by turning a large pot upside down and placing a somewhat deep dish with water on top of it and within a couple of hours the feathered ones discovered it. I enjoy watching them bathe especially when its so hot.

One of my favorite paintings sold from the show in Michigan which I mentioned here a few weeks ago. Its great to have sales and know that work is gracing somebody’s walls but when its a favorite piece its also bitter sweet. I create so much art though that I really can’t even keep some of my favorites and well naturally its the favorites that always sell the fastest.