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Check This Art and some Swans

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Pleased to be feature on the “Check this Art website”, check it out!

I’m working on a series of Swans. To be paintings at some point.

The Bulimic Swan



These are small pencil drawings manipulated in photoshop

Chandeliers, the glittery and the sparkly

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Not art related but it is eye candy! We have waited ten years to get new lighting fixtures. I have always despised the ones we had.
Tricky trying to photograph. Its hard for me to take my eyes off it when I am sitting in the living room cuz with the lights on the crystal drops glitter and sparkle, its such a treasure!! The body of the chandeliers are cast bronze from Spain and the color works well with our walnut colored floors. We chose crystals that are a smokey topaz in color, its unique.


I have this charming guy to show you today 😀


I thought it might be kind of boring given its just a flatish face but with the color and texture I think its not boring! and I need any excuse at all to use angelina fiber!!! shiney!! sparkly!!