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Sunday, October 14th, 2007

While I convalesce I have literally been forced to be still, and since I am a bit obsessed with productivity it is awkward  to be comfortable just existing. I am relaxing, reading, journaling privately and watching tv and I feel deliciously wicked and indulgent about it. It’s a relief to not be demanding something of myself, to not for a few moments in time be requiring proof that I am earning my keep.  Hubby has been a loving caretaker of me and the role reversal has been fun.


Anyway, I figure this is a good time to fill the well, consciously or unconsciously…after all, two weeks of convalescing requires intense concentration on nothing! If you think that is easy try meditating, if you have a monkey mind like me, it requires great effort! 


But, tomorrow I will get out of bed and function, though my body is weak, life carries on, I will just take it slow, I will just do the best I can.


I will get back on the art track with pencil and paper. I will begin by generating some sketches and developing and expanding upon some of the ideas that have been brewing in the back of my brain with automatic writing, one long stream of consciousness and word association. For me, the most efficient way of moving on to the next piece or pieces is by having the last piece inform the next…