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From the archives: Alicia

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Many years ago when I was in college and majoring in photography for a minute I did a series of images of my niece Alicia who was about ten years old if I remember correctly. I dressed her up in a pretty dress I had that was too big for her but she still looked cute, and I used an alternative photographic process to create the images on watercolor paper. An emulsion is painted onto the surface and the image is transferred via a huge transparency, ie a positive. After it dried I worked back into the image with watercolor paint. one image was superimposed over another to create the surreal effect of a house within the figure, its all very old school as the digital technologies was not available then so everything was done by hand. I took several photographs of some local Victorian style houses that were close to San Jose State University where I studied, I have always enjoyed the unique intricacies of victorians.

I re discovered these images over the weekend while I was scanning slides with “Fotolite” from Brookstone, a cool tool