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WOA; ripped from the Headlines

Friday, November 11th, 2011

It is clearly not easy to be an art critic. The comments at Jerry Saltz on his ny mag recap section can be brutal. I cringe to read them, but he handles them with such dignity and even humility. I don’t get why people have to be hostile with their opinions, jeeze, its just a little hour of entertainment show.

The eliminations each week are unpredictable and a matter of random unluck. Last year some of the better artists were eliminated early, more for distinguishing themselves overtly than for doing a worse piece than some other artestant. Sucklord remains out of pure luck, I am not convinced that his piece wasn’t the worse and as he readily admits that he is only there because one other person made a piece worse than his. There is something about his personality that is sort of endearing but I am beginning to wonder if he is a true artist. Michelle, is consistent and has a grasp on the it thing about art, that inexplicable thing that separates a designer or illustrator from a fine artist. I loved her painting in this episode, and was glad to see her talent extends beyond her paper rolling abilities.

I fully expected someone to do a paper mache piece! Perfect for a newspaper assignment. Lola actually did this with her odd useless weapons and the critics were really impressed. I did not care for the drawing, I think I have a natural aversion to artists who trace. In the end the drawing was weak imo and the objects disparate creating a piece that was not cohesive.

I’m convinced that the artists need to be better able to articulate their thoughts and ideas with clarity and more sophistication. I think this is why I would like to see more mature, more seasoned artists.

I thought Dusty’s piece was stronger than Young’s. I didn’t understand what Bayete was trying to communicate and his piece was weak, BUT, he has done a couple of strong pieces while Sara K has squeaked by, I literally forgot she was there, but there is no points for winning or having an accumulation of successful works, so Bayete goes and laughing Sara stays. Sara whose piece was so visually uninspired save for one little part in the upper right hand corner, I wonder how that composition was decided upon.

Kymia’s piece was kind of a monstrosity, I dunno, trite metaphor, poorly crafted..

Sara Jimenez did a wonderful painting. So, glad because I did not want to see her cry again. Not that I don’t have compassion for the cryers but because it takes some of the focus away from what matters, an honest appraisal of the works, something that can be useful to the artist or clarifying for the viewer. Serious artists must be thick skinned. Create from the heart but distance one’s self from the outcome, being a witness to the residue of one’s thinking is a skill to be honed. Those who use their art as a means of cathartics’ may be better served keeping it for their own emotional journey as one would with a journal. Or, at least, work through some issues before barring the soul to the public. I mean, art work like the ever popular and favored Frida Kahlo, are autobiographical without the angst, they are a vehicle for her surreal vision and a metaphor for her life’s journey, in the final analysis, she had a healthy detachment from them.

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Sunday, April 17th, 2011

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