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Fixer upper on a dreamy property

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

On the weekends the husband and I have been looking at properties, our next house is a fixer upper, LOL!

But seriously, this dilapidated mobile home sits on a piece of property I adore. we went back to see it a second time last week and I still think its my favorite of all the properties we have seen over the past six weeks or so. Someone has made an offer on it, we might make an offer on it too.

One of the things I love about the property is how natural it is with so many different plants. The pretty passion flower I posted earlier was growing up around that mobile home where there is a little gate that opens into a big area that must have once been a flower garden, (be still my heart). From the other side there is a nearly hidden little path that leads to the area I am referring to.
I love it so much.

There are several huge oak trees over a very shallow creek in a corner of the lot. There is a huge walnut tree, and a persimmon tree. I already showed you the artichoke plant. There is also two different apple trees, a lime tree, an orange tree, a lemon tree and a fig tree. Its heavenly to me although everything is completely over grown and covered with spider webs, ickkkk. This stalk is the blossom growing out of the blue agave in the front of the house.

We probably won’t be able to get this property but I can still love it.

I found this rock under one of the fruit trees, it appears to be a fish painted on it.

One of the other things I love is driving up to the property because you go through a tree lined path. Its so pretty. This is looking out to the street:

I can dream…

There is also a house on the property, which I do like but its the property itself and the shape of it that I love. I did post a few pics of the house in a previous post. one of the things I like about the house is the little court yard behind this big doors. The house is shaped in a U.

I do not like the kitchen or bathrooms. I do like the long hallway and tile floors.

Just a Dream

Friday, November 19th, 2010

I started this piece months ago, I almost gave up on her she was so oppositional, but this morning, finally she relented 😀

Just a Dream on the Easel

Odd Dream

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

My vivid, lucid, odd dream:

Briefly, in the dream, I was in a hotel room, woke up in the middle of the night to find other people in the bed across from me and still more coming into the room. I was quite annoyed by that and got up to figure out what was going on as more people came into the room. and then I felt myself pee my pants and heard a popping in my ear, I blacked out and in and proclaimed I had had a stroke. Later in the long dream, some guy tried to acost me and I ran to get away and for the second time in two weeks I did the swim flying. Where in, I push up from the ground doing the breast stroke as if under water coming up for air. I am high up in the tree tops trying to get away from the man in pursuit of me and I start searching for the mystic goddess among the tree tops. I found her and others who have been in search of her. I whine, “I love you mystic goddess please help me!” ( I know it sounds funny), I love you I love you!! The mystic goddess is behind a platform type thingie creating a distance from the people praying to her. Yet she is gently moving left to right and waving her graceful arms at the people, she is very sweet with a kind smile but interestingly, she is made of stone. Stone that is rainbow colored.! She kind of reminds me of characters in the movie Mirror mask, where you hear that Carpenter’s song “Close to you”, Anyway, I reach out to her and she waves her hands over mine, and milky clear vermcelli, jelly fish like tentacles sprout out and across my hands and arms and that is all I remember, I was touched!

Dem Bones

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Yesterday, I recieved a box of bones from art bud Jen worden ( and serendipitously Reevo (of Ektopia) posted some work of this artist

fantastic, boney surreal creations!!

Not that I could do anything remotely as cool but I do need to think about how I am going to use and transform the already perfect bones into my own creations…

And, while yesterday was full of dreams and some recall, last night was full of dreams with no recall. None the less, yesterday’s dream which included three fleshy fat blocks of art bearing unbilical cords has been on my mind as it seems perfectly good material for some artwork, since both dreams and art are all about the metaphors, at least according to me.

The past few years, and especially since my brother’s death, I have had an intense desire for spirituality and something to truely believe in. It turns out that three, may have to do with this (the sacred holy trinity for example) as well as balance (an important issue for me)and harmony between body,mind,spirit. It can also mean a desire for perfection in creation (the basic principles of art; harmony, balance, color, design, etc). The perfectly squared, compacted fat blocks hung on a wall as if in display in an art gallery, as if to say life and and art and meaning and perfection are connected by the sustaining umbilical cords. Because the works of art were blocks of fat, I see a connection to lipo sucking the no longer necessary uterus, much the way fat isn’t necessary, yet, and because the uterus and the umbilical cord obviously relate to birth, its as if I am giving birth to a new me because an extracted uterus (thinking out loud here) can not give birth to a child, by letting go that possibility, I give labor to myself, and as I mentioned a few posts back, life and art intertwine. And interestingly and ironically, on the Oprah show yesterday, Oprah interviewed Dr. Christiane Northrup who says that "women who are peri menopausal are in labor!!" They are about to give birth to a new self and a new life if they have the where-with-all to listen to what their bodies are telling them and to be sure their hormones and health are all in balance. It is fascinating, how my unconscious has served my consciousness.