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Fleshy Fat Blocks

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Suspended  on the wall, like works of art in a gallery, were three white, translucent, cream colored and marbled, organic, fleshy looking blocks, about three or four inches thick. From each compacted  block hung an umbilical cord and all three umbilical cords were leading to my hand and were intravenously feeding/sustaining me.

That is how my night went, full of dreams. Early on, I woke myself up half moaning half yelling out in fear because a high stepping mass of a naked figure was discombobulating, screaming and flailing his arms wildly about as he circled my bed.

I need to ponder the metaphors a bit…


A friend sent a link to me indicating the importance of three in dreams:

Dream symbol: number three, 3
three, threes, 3, third

Perfect balance and harmony of body, mind and spirit
Expansion, expression and movement
Seeing perfection in creation
A person who is a truth seeker at all levels, has high ideals, is independent, sporty, candid to the point of being blunt, religious, sometimes irresponsible
One too many, something that creates imbalance or disharmony; two’s company, three’s a crowd