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Saturday, July 24th, 2010

My new iphone features my Fight Club girl: Fire Crotch!! I love love love it. Design your own at uncommon dot com


Fight Club Lolita

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

I’m fascinated with the images in this book,


a big trend in Japan, dressing up like Lolitas, the decorative stockings in platform baby janes, frilly pretty dresses, fetishisistic accessories and the “Whatever happened to Baby Jane-ness” of grown women in little girlly outfits with made up faces is both disturbing and fascinating. Many of the females playing dress up are seen in their bedroom settings with teddy bears and fancy dolls.

The inimitable Bette Davis as Baby Jane Hudson holding her Baby Jane look alike doll.


The psychological wierdness of it, draws me in. Bonnets, bows, gloves and little tiny hats. Hearts and flowers juxtaposed with tatoos, a visual irony.


The outfits have inspired me to draw and paint some Lolitas, starting with fight Club Lolitas which seems an oxymoron and not sure what they mean conceptually. As usual, its all lowbrow nobrow.


Princess Bean gets a Black Eye

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

She is known as Princess Bean and she creates rock music videos for children

princess bean gets a black eye

I of course was mesmerized by her black eye (not fake!), honestly I think its the first time I have seen a black eye in real life, I showed her one of my paintings from the fight club girl series, cuz it looked like her eye! and she was kind enough to let me photograph her, she made a funny face, like a fight club girl I guess, 😀 but wow, a real life model!!

She says she took a face first dive while filming her movie…