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Finger Fire Works

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

The painting I am sending to Sammo for trade


Monday, October 22nd, 2007

  A few weeks back I made a post about a wedding  I had attended at Serra Retreat in Malibu. Among the photos I took was this castle

The castle valued at 17 million dollars burnt down along with its contents full of art and antiques.

It belonged to Lilly Lawrence, the daughter of a former Iranian oil minister. She said she was able to gather a few things before the fire engulfed her home, including some jewelry and memorabilia that included Elvis Presley’s Army fatigues.

She didn’t seem too worried about losing most of her belongings in the fire.

"My parents taught me not to allow my possessions to posses me," Lawrence told KABC-TV. "So, that’s the story. The house is a house."

Southern Calif is a blaze all over theplace, the wind is blowing like mad with gusts as high as 90 mph.

Our neighbors gigantic tree broke and fell into our front yard and into the street of our corner, there is damage all over the place, these first winds of the Santa Ana season are monstrous. Hubby has to take a different route to work because they have closed Topanga Canyon his normal route which comes out on PCH.