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Thinking out loud

Friday, April 5th, 2013

I felt oddly impacted by the death of Roger Ebert for whom I have been a long time fan. I follow him on twitter and his keen mind has illuminated many a different topic for me. But, mostly, I remember him from back in the days of “Siskel and Ebert” a show I watched every week. Roger was such a commanding wit. Today, most often, if I want to read a movie review I first go to Ebert’s website. I will miss his reviews of current movies and saddened by his loss.

Sometimes I feel such angst and jealousy by the accomplishments of other artists that I want to dive my head into the ground and stay there. Still, while I can understand angst, I despise jealousy/envy and mostly keep the green monsters beneath the bed where they belong. At the same time, I am so grateful for the brilliance and success of the truly talented. How banal life would be without those to admire and aspire to. Before the internet, one had to buy books or go to galleries and museums to see the work of others and now the myriad of images and artists at one’s fingertips is overwhelming and maybe that is where some of the angst comes from, there are so many accomplished artists to be jealous of, I mean admire.

Some art is on such a high plain I can not even be jealous of it. I can only internalize the impact so as to take the miracle of it with me. The work of Francis Bacon does this to me. Apparently he was quite a scoundrel and despicable as a human being but I don’t care and I don’t need to know it and knowing it does not change my opinion of the work. The work stands on it its own like disembodied legs. How grand it would be to stand in the studio where he worked and marvel at the complete irreverence for the environment while the man vehicle was sprouting master pieces from amidst the chaos. Here is a great little video:

I’m inspired by the method of using damaged photographs and images as source material for portraits and ideas. I can see myself doing the same kind of thing using damaged printed material (because I have a hard time damaging an actual photograph even if its not a friend or family member). Of course, even if I were to employ the exact same methods used by Bacon or any other artist, the work would still turn out like my own, there is no getting away from one’s self. So, using a method developed by another artist is copying but its not copying the art itself. Its a learning device.

I’ll be leaving for my parents house in the morning so I must get some painting time in. NOw.

I’ve sketched so many tree fems that I just about have a forest!


Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

I prefer very few items cluttering up counters anywhere in our home and a sense of spaciousness, which you would not know by looking at my studio :b where a whole different vibe occurs…a vibe of unbridled creativity, random bouts of expression and impromptu manifestation of ideas aside the painting corner full of tubes and pigments and brushes and turps and mediums and crumpled rags and paper towels and a big crusty loaded palatte đŸ˜€ sounds like heaven, must be heaven. Which, is nothing at all compared to the state of say Mr. Francis Bacon’s (my all time favorite painter) studio:

francis bacon´s studio 2

The genius in his environs


His posture seems to be hunched in as if overwhelmed by all the clutter yet, this is how he worked always, using anything within reach for a palette and in complete irreverence for the ascending piles of debris accumulating around him while in the throes of raging creativity. I’m utterly in awe of that focus and ego-less determination. Sterile, pristine studios speak to me of control and and anal engineering type retentivity, a space for designers, architects, and restrained types of expression not suited for the serious fine artist. (now, I know there are neatniks who will disagree with me, and no offense). Bacon had the ability to express the most intense, visceral aspects of the human condition and had no inclination to conform to any predesignated standards of mainstream presentation.

This has some good shots of the studio and Bacon at work.

My own efforts at painting seem so very small and immature and unsophisticated in comparison, at the same time, Bacon makes me swell with the desire to be a better artist.