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Thursday, October 13th, 2011

I really just want these girls, the english accent, wow, it gets me, so so darn cute


Thursday, July 26th, 2007

almost finished oil on canvas

From my Caterpillher series or Hungry girls….the idea for caterpillhers came to me when I thought about anorexic girls who are hungry all the time but don’t eat and or when they do, they eat and eat and eat until they vomit, you know bulimic, I suppose I should create fly inspired girls for that though since flys I believe regurgitate! Anyway, I also thought of termites but then, caterpillars are so much more beautiful then termites! No offense to eating disordered females since I think its half the women in the US and possibly ninety percent in Southern California!

Caterpillher in Hooves