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Finished! Memory Lane

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

oil on canvas, 18 x 24


Saturday, May 12th, 2012

I’m loving work by artist Scott Fife

Cool time lapse video of one of his heads

We have had a handful of visitors walk through our home that is now up for rent. Odd feeling to have people going through one’s home and even odder imagining others living in it. In the final analysis there are a lot of factors which add up to a match or not. One aspect that I have enjoyed is the comments about the art. There is no point in having art if others don’t see it and my work has been low profile since last year due to the house hunting efforts. We expect a return visits this Sunday and new visitors on Monday. Nice getting the traffic. In the mean while we continue to polish and refine areas that need attention, like the windows from the outside. I will admit, I rarely do windows!

Last year at this time…

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Last year at this time my husband and I were looking at houses for sale in the area. Our favorite house was in Watsonville, Tindall Ranch.

It was a very large property on a sun drenched knoll. The house is a Mexican Hacienda type design built with high end materials and painted very artistically. No amount of wishing would make it possible for us to afford. Still, we enjoyed being inspired by it and seeing it in person. One draw back, the ticks. 😀

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

While my time is for the most part currently usurped by our transition from one home to another, I have been able to do a drawing or sketch here and there.

This is a study for a painting, titled “Listening Fence”, the idea came from a dream I had, although in the dream, the figures were more angst and the heads were ended before the eyes start. that still could happen I am undecided until I start the painting.
I may change the composition a bit, depends on my intuition when I begin the painting.

This is also a sketch/study, the idea of being rooted. I may take that further…

I drew it on a piece of card board, that is all that was around at the time.

May 19th, the “Barbie as Gendered Object” exhibit will open at the Ann Street Gallery. If you live in NYC have a look, there you will see “Pucker” among other altered Barbie beauties.

I have been forcing myself to not spend too much time in the yard. In Calabasas the roses are in full, glorious bloom and are so lovely and fragrant. I do adore a cut flower and will be planting roses in Ojai for certain. If you are new to this blog, I am moving from Calabasas, Ca to Ojai, Ca. Both locations have their merits.

On the kitchen table, yellow beauties:
and on the living room coffee table, pretty in pink:

I tried to feed the birds by making these orange cups from a recipe I saw on pinterest.

I do believe that they ate the whole thing including the string 😀 inside, peanut butter, oatmeal, sun flower seeds and bird seed.

Thought I had a very sick pug on my hands, turns out he is just an old man :b

This is a pic of our house going up for rent May 15th, looking for good tenants~~

In the back, a bit of an oasis:

A lovely covered patio area with grill.

Its a little cluttered with my many plants which I will be removing soon. The house is in a safe and quiet neighborhood. We love a Mediterranean style house and have eleven contented years, but times and needs change 😀
That is bout it for an update, I hope to be creating a lot more soon.

Fixer upper on a dreamy property

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

On the weekends the husband and I have been looking at properties, our next house is a fixer upper, LOL!

But seriously, this dilapidated mobile home sits on a piece of property I adore. we went back to see it a second time last week and I still think its my favorite of all the properties we have seen over the past six weeks or so. Someone has made an offer on it, we might make an offer on it too.

One of the things I love about the property is how natural it is with so many different plants. The pretty passion flower I posted earlier was growing up around that mobile home where there is a little gate that opens into a big area that must have once been a flower garden, (be still my heart). From the other side there is a nearly hidden little path that leads to the area I am referring to.
I love it so much.

There are several huge oak trees over a very shallow creek in a corner of the lot. There is a huge walnut tree, and a persimmon tree. I already showed you the artichoke plant. There is also two different apple trees, a lime tree, an orange tree, a lemon tree and a fig tree. Its heavenly to me although everything is completely over grown and covered with spider webs, ickkkk. This stalk is the blossom growing out of the blue agave in the front of the house.

We probably won’t be able to get this property but I can still love it.

I found this rock under one of the fruit trees, it appears to be a fish painted on it.

One of the other things I love is driving up to the property because you go through a tree lined path. Its so pretty. This is looking out to the street:

I can dream…

There is also a house on the property, which I do like but its the property itself and the shape of it that I love. I did post a few pics of the house in a previous post. one of the things I like about the house is the little court yard behind this big doors. The house is shaped in a U.

I do not like the kitchen or bathrooms. I do like the long hallway and tile floors.

Falling eggs

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

This is a tiny little dove egg, it fell from the pergola in the back yard where momma dove is nesting. It happens every year, falling dove eggs. It looks like something ate the yolk out of this one 🙁 One would think that after loosing so many babies doves would learn to build a better nest. On a happier note, the Dahlia is starting to bloom 🙂

This would be a pretty room for plants. We went to look at properties last weekend, in Calif you don’t get much bang for your buck even though prices have dropped significantly, some by 50%

I love adobe color tile and a Spanish style home, almost as much as a Meditteranean style home.

The entrance to this house was covered with honeysuckle, it is so fragrant, but I imagine the bees would terrify and I would have to leave the house from a side door.

Off topic, the Hub took a ride on a friend’s 1937 air plane. Its retro cool.

the wilderness downtown cool!

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

This week, pop culture critic Chuck Klosterman got right to the heart of the Arcade Fire’s appeal with a Tweet about “The Wilderness Downtown,” the online, interactive short film by Chris Milk that features “We Used to Wait” from the band’s new album, “The Suburbs.” Klosterman wrote that “the Arcade Fire have figured out the one thing everyone is equally interested in: their own memory.”

“The Wilderness Downtown” is a Google Chrome Experiment, and works best in that browser. The website ( asks you to plug in the address of your childhood home, sit back and watch a combination of choreographed browser windows open, move and close in time with the music. Using Google street view and satellite maps, 3-D canvas rendering and real-time compositing, the movie follows an androgynous child running through a neighborhood that looks just like yours, followed by a flock of birds swooping across the aerial view.

You can even write a postcard to your former self and send it back to the suburb whence you came. If your family moved around a lot, as mine did, try each address you can remember and be transported back to a time when you hoped something pure could last.

— Erin Keane, The Courier-Journal

Know your childhood address? type it in and watch the child run to your neighborhood till he stops in front of your house. really cool!

Doll Making Wiki

Friday, September 7th, 2007

I would like to extend an invitation to readers of this blog to participate in the Wiki I have created: . There are many doll makers who read this blog and I know you have a wealth of information to share. It would be  fantastic if it became a wonderful resource for everything dolls. Please stop by whenever it is convenient and add content as you are so inclined!