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About a Pug

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Before I met my husband I was working in the Bay area as an apartment complex manager. When tenants moved out I was required to inspect the apartment for damage and cleanness. One time, while I was inspecting an apartment the lady had a friend helping her with the last minute details and the friend had a friend with her. It was a baby pug. I could not believe my eyes, I had never seen a baby pug, they kind of look like aliens with their big heads and pop eyes!

I just about died from the cuteness and vowed that if I ever got out of my apartment living I would get a pug. Fast forward five years, I met my Jerry and we got married and got a house and within a month we had the pugster, my Balthazar. At that time my husband was working very long hours and often over seas and out of town and all I had was Balthazar so of course, I doted on him like a child. Dressing him up and taking him with me every where. After a few months we decided that he really needed a play mate since he had so much energy and that was when we decided to get Sassafras, long for Sassy since she was such a spirited little girl when we picked her up in the parking lot at the local Safeway. I literally squealed when I saw her she was soooo tiny sitting on the pavement in that parking lot that I almost didn’t see her at all! Oh she was such a cutie pie and we took her home to Balthazar and he cried he was so excited! he did not know what to make of her, she was so tiny next to him. What a fun moment that was. They have been together ever since.

Two of my fur children
I remember when he was a tiny pup I would carry him in a little purse like carrier with his head popped out at one end. I took him like this when we went to the SFMOMA, he was asleep and I guess they thought he was a stuffed animal because they let me through with him and I got up to the third level before one of the guards realized I had an animal with me. HA!balto

Shortly after acquiring him I quit the job I was working at as an after school program director because they would not let me bring him to work. I had been told prior that I would be able to have him so I was angry they reneged, and I am just not the type of dog owner who can leave a dog home by itself for 8 or 9 hours.

I use to call him “King Tut” because he had this big dog in a small body thing, he was quite the alpha male, so full of personality. When I would pick him and put him on my lap, he would promptly turn front sitting up on his hind legs like I was his person doing what I am suppose to be doing, holding and doting on him!

Of course he loved his walks and he loved his baths. Not so much the washing part but the drying part. he would roll around on the towels and stretch making the funniest I feel good noises and then in appreciation he would jump up at me with kisses, with his big oversized tongue that always hung outside his mouth cuz it didn’t fit!

He was a very emotional dog too, if he saw me crying or heard me yelling he would bark and cry out also. It was very touching.

He so adored getting in the pool and jacuzzi with us. If he were inside the house and he heard one of us in the pool swimming he would bark like crazy and stare out the window door pacing back and forth and he would not even be distracted by food or treats. If we were in the jacuzzi he would bark and cry till we took him in with us, and he would race across the thin ledge like a tight rope walker, we marveled at how fast he was and he did not fall down! When people were over they would get such a kick out of Balthazar jumping on my back for a piggy back ride in the shallow end of the pool, oh he was in heaven those days!
Swimmer pug

Every time he went out into the back yard he would stare at the pool. Even after he went blind. He would go right to the ledge and look down, he knew the water was there.


About five years ago he became diabetic and in less than a year he went blind. I will never forget the look on his face when I went to throw him a treat and he could not see it and I realized and he realized that he could not see it. I felt helpless and sick about it. But for about four years he could still see shadows and shapes and get around, he actually did quite well. But about 6 months ago the blindness increased severely and his world went completely dark. His demeanor and disposition changed dramatically. He became very insecure and wanted me around him constantly. If I left the house he would howl relentlessly, it was awful, and heart breaking. He would spend most of the day like a little bumper car, bumping into walls looking for me. It was stressful being needed so intensely and quite painful knowing that his quality of life had diminished even further. It has been a series of problems since as he continued to deteriorate and his liver became enlarged and he could not eat or hold down food or water. Today, we had to let him go, he was suffering and I really could not bear it. His last week at home was one of the worse weeks of my life. I had hoped for a miracle. But there was not a miracle in sight. You may think, he was just a dog, but I couldn’t have felt any worse were he a person. Love is love whether it be person or animal and I loved him so deeply and I miss him so much. It was such a relief to euthanize him because I know his body had turned on him completely. I was glad he would no longer have that ravaged little body and his beautiful spirit could be at blissful peace.

blindI am so grateful for the cherished memories, the 12 years of unconditional love and fun. What a blessing he was, making our every day so much richer and joyful.

RIP my beloved Balthazar

Life is good!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

My friend Mari-Pat likes to end her blog posts with a positive affirmation “Life is good!” So naturally when I saw this vehicle in the parking lot of Home Depot I snapped a quick pic. I do believe most often our days are determined by the way we face our challenges before we even step out the door. Being grateful to just be alive and value the day already makes it easier to deal with whatever occurs. Whenever I read her posts, I am reminded that today is indeed a gift to appreciate.

I was Mz Cranky pants yesterday, I plan to do better today.
*edit, eek, this does sound Pollyanna. :b

I go out walking

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

From yesterday’s walk around the hood, flowers.

And the sweetest goat ever.

He turns a wary eye, as if to say, who are you?

Later on during the course of the walk, a very thin cat befriended me, hugging my legs round and round and I just knew if he/she followed me I would have to adopt. I do think when animals find a person, they are meant to be in the family. The hub did not agree LOL!! Luckily the sweetie cat did not follow me, I really need no more pets at the moment. Although, there is a baby bunny inhabiting the weedy grass in the front yard. The CuTeSt little, not very skittish cotton tail. We have seen him the past couple of days, close enough to the front picture window to watch him eat. I do have a fondness for bunnies of any kind, yes I know they eat up all the greenery. :b


Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

“The realm of consciousness is much vaster than thought can grasp. When you no longer believe everything you think you step out of thought and you see clearly that the THINKER is NOT you.”

Whoa and artist Vik Muniz

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

I just realized I have not posted here in a month. I can hardly believe it. I’ve been so busy with things I have had little time for art. Need to change that, soon.

I watched a documentary about artist Vik Muniz and his collaboration with the pickers of Brazil. Profound way of making art. I am touched by humility and people who find happiness inside.

We are blessed in this country and its easy to be wasteful. We have so much to be grateful for. Even the poorest people in this country have more than some of the poor in other countries.

Ten Things They Don’t Teach You in Art School

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Here is today’s *Blog Prompt*

Your MFA won’t open doors of opportunity because there is very little opportunity for an inexperienced artist, and the little there is will be competed for by 100s of other optimistic hopefuls.

All the teaching jobs are taken. You may find a part time gig here and there, but you will need another job to pay the bills and you won’t have time to make art.

It will be 40 years before the tenured profs will leave their spot

If someone asks you, “what do you do?” and you say, I am an artist, they will look at you with a blank expression and glazed over eyes, if they are trying to be polite that is.

If you were me, You could find yourself with a boyfriend at some point in time who claims you love art more than he (which may be true) and proceeds to tell YOU what “REAL” art is.

You will have to work harder and be more organized than an engineer, but nobody will believe it, and will ask about your back up plan, ie, when will you get a real job.

You will need a back up plan.

your professor was SERIOUS when he told you to marry a rich man.

People, charities and organizations, will constantly solicit you for art donations. They want free stuff, but would never dream of asking a plumber for his/her free skill.

On average, it will be about ten years before a reputable gallery will give you a solo show, if that ever happens.

You may end up digging ditches so you can paint on the weekends.

You won’t survive on pure “talent”. You will have to smooze and network and socialize, because, a lot of it, is who you know. And, this should be done before thirty years old, because galleries are always looking for fresh, new blood.

You won’t be wearing Versace, or Gucci or Poochie or Valentino! Jimmy choos? hahahahah!

Internet. If you are as old as I am, you did your term papers in college on a type writer. You will have to learn how to work a computer, long after you graduate. (The internet has taken the lock hold from galleries and museums and made it possible for artists to put their art careers in their own hands).

Your sister will tell you, “you have already played the tortured artist, now what are you going to do?” ~~Just to torture you a little bit more :b

You may find yourself asking yourself, shall I buy art supplies or health insurance?

You may find yourself making doodads like this to sell for a few extra bucks:

The list is more than ten, but I believe there is more, can you add to the list my artist friend?

*EDIT* From artist and friend Lelainia Lloyd:
-When you show your mil your published work she says “That’s nice.”

-When you show your husband your work, he holds it upside down to look at it.

-People who aren’t willing to do the work try and pump you for access your contacts and connections and then once they’re finished with you, piss off into the wind.

-Endless random people will try and get you to put ad space for their product, religion, etc. on your ART blog.

-There will always be someone you thought was your friend, who becomes uncomfortably jealous of you and in the end stabs you in the back.
That said, I revert to this posted earlier in the year:


I claim independence from negative thoughts and self-criticism and the need to compare myself to others instead of focusing on how to be the best at what I do.

I claim independence from the judgments of others. I will not be diminished by those who seek to make me feel small or limit my ability to truly shine.

I claim independence from the unyielding desire for the approval of others at a cost to my personal well-being and sense of purpose..

I claim independence from the fear and doubt that keeps me from creating my most beautiful and most powerful work.

I claim independence from a life of struggle and difficulty. Instead, I choose optimism, success, and possibility.

Cresendoh, Bridgette and Felice

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Felice Perkins has a blog where she features various artists that she likes, she kindly chose my work for one of her features, Its an honor to be featured on someone’s blog, so I want to plug her blog a little in gratitude. If you have a chance, check her out, some of the other artists she has chosen are really special.

Felice Perkin’s blog here

Also my art bud Bridgette Guerzon Mills is featured on “Cresendoh” Jenny Doh’s blog of somerset studio and Bri was asked to link to some of her favorite artists, I am honored to be a chosen one:D Her story is very sweet, I think you will like…

Art Saves

Racoon Hat

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

I was going to have her holding a racoon shish ka bob. I often think about why some animals are eaten and some are not. And then, the wearing of animals is interesting. Why don’t we have cat tail hats. Or, maybe we do.

Pug, Work of Art, Bergamot and Lolita

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Took girlie pug back to the vet yesterday morn and her eye has healed about 20%, and as I pointed out to the vet at least she is opening it now. I take her back again next Friday and if its not healing fast enough he will do some kind of surgery to stimulate faster healing, something about scratching the cornea ughhhhhhhhhh! anyway we are putting drops in about every couple of hours and watching her closely, a little energy is coming back, and I have high hopes we will save her eye.

Work of Art, The Next Great Artist: It seems like people either embrace it or hate it. If one takes it seriously, as the vehicle for representing art and the artists life, there will be a whole lot of teeth sucking and “WTF” !!. But, if seen for what it is, entertaining comedy, well, then, there are many laugh out loud moments, hilarity even.

If Andy Warhol were alive today I am certain he would think it wonderful and delight in all the inanity, not only that I suspect he would want to be a part of it in some way, ANY way that he could. The show itself is a kind of a Work of Art with its wonderful product placement (AUDI) from which an art challenge is derived wow, brilliant! (eye rolllllllll) I’ll be looking for when the artists while working in the studio will all be seen refreshing themselves with icy cold bottles of pepsi as they smile into the camera and break out into dance or song ala American Idol. haha so preposterous, I love it.

Once again Jaclyn and Miles made the critique. And in fact, boobaliciou Jaclyn managed to get the lions share of attention (on the show and in the forums online) with her (somewhat tiresome) look at me, look at you, looking at me, as she attempts a sophisticated way to turn the table on the male gaze as a way of a feminine empowerment statement which falls short due to her obvious love of the male gaze. The way she uses feminist words shows her lack of sophistication but has not hampered her happenstance good luck on the show. If I thought that she actually, really, conceptually knew what she was doing I might find her success a little more palatable. But, she just has a germ of an idea, how can I use my body, garnering what she can from other contestants. At the rate she is going she could win the show and then we would see Jaclyn and her boobs in as many ways as she can exploit them at the Brookly Museum of art for her solo show!! hahaha what a coup that would be.

My fav pieces, Miles and Nicole’s. I also thought the drawings done by Peregrine were funny and clever (though, not aesthetically meaty), “an inny not an Audi” haha, fun. But she did not even make the crit. oh well.

So, I am looking forward to next weeks installment, while it really dosn’t represent the art world or an artist’s life, its pure entertainment if you like reality challenge shows. I do. I hope someone comes up with another artist reality show, more connected with reality, like, artists of all ages and looks as well as varying points in careers are given a theme or a challenge for which they have a substantial amount of time to complete, culminating in a show that is heartily reviewed by well seasoned artists and critics and we get to hear a lot more of the rationale for eliminations and winners chosen. Oh and, they don’t have to shop at Utrecht or drive an audi and they aren’t limited to 100.00 but are given a stipend at the beginning for which they have to stretch out or use their own moohlah to supplement. Thats more like real life since most artists have little money and beg and borrow as needed from friends or family. Either that or they have to be resourceful and inventive with ideas and materials. Now that is real. Life ain’t always fair. Maybe I’ll come up with a pitch myself. 😀

Jerry and I spent yesterday at Bergamot station, looking at art. Now that is my kind of day. But one gallerist took so much of our time trying to tell me how I should be an artist and the kind of art I should make and how low brow is going down. My gosh, he was intelligent but so arrogant using us as two pair of ears to impress himself with all his knowledge. gotta say, he got under my skin. I really dislike when asked as a test, “Do you know… or are you familiar with this artist… Do you read artforum…how often do you get out…” Really presumptuous to assess my level of knowledge or savvy by one simple fact, my making low brow art. He mentioned one figurative artist whose name I did not recall as proof that I am not familiar with what successful artists are doing, which could not be more wrong since I constantly familiarize myself and look at what is going on in the art world and after I looked up the aforementioned artist online: John Currin.

well, yes, I have seen his work (and love it) and forgot his name. WHATEVER. If I spend much more of my time studying who is successful I sure as hell can not get my own work done and could feel very defeated. I suspect that most of those really successful big name artists don’t spend a lot of time seeing what every one else is doing because they are too busy with their own work, and developing. I’m not suggesting live in a cocoon but there is a certain amount of reclusive and insulated behavior that is necessary for most artists. I could really go on and on about this gallerist’s commentary, but I’ll spare you. I guess that was a bit of a vent, yeah, a little defensive since, I basically live every daY, steeped in all aspects of the artist’s life. Anyway, enough of that.

Princess Bean gets a Black Eye

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

She is known as Princess Bean and she creates rock music videos for children

princess bean gets a black eye

I of course was mesmerized by her black eye (not fake!), honestly I think its the first time I have seen a black eye in real life, I showed her one of my paintings from the fight club girl series, cuz it looked like her eye! and she was kind enough to let me photograph her, she made a funny face, like a fight club girl I guess, 😀 but wow, a real life model!!

She says she took a face first dive while filming her movie…