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Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Its countdown to Alice in Wonderland!! This week! finally after months of waiting.

The Red Queen
The first thing you notice about Helena Bonham Carter in the role of the Red Queen is the size of that noggin. “Oh, it’s true, I can’t even look at Helena anymore because now her real head just seems like a small orange — like she’s got some shrunken head,” Burton deadpans. But when he looks at the Red Queen, he thinks of two people — one of his own relatives and the infamous real-estate baroness known as the “queen of mean.” “She reminds me of pictures I’ve seen of Leona Helmsley. There’s a tiny bit of elements of my mother in there too, for some strange reason. And Helena brings her own things to it too.”

Mad Hatter
Johnny Depp’s latest has made a specialty of hiding his leading-man cheekbones within oddball disguise and the latest is a google-eyed hat maker who’s gone around the bend. The shock of tangerine curls jutting from beneath his hat and his orange-rimmed eyeballs hint at the story lineage of his madness; orange-tinted mercury was once used in the manufacture of felt in Victorian England and it seeped through the scalp skin with some nasty side effects. Burton liked the idea of orangeness for another more personal reason. “There is something really scary about orange hair. Every performer in my childhood who had orange hair, it seemed to signify that they … were not to be trusted and could be dangerous. Bozo, Carrot Top, Ralph Malph…”

A couple of weeks I was at the book store and noticed a book by the ever awesome Camille Rose Garcia, her very own brand of “Alice in Wonderland” illustrations, I would have bought it but the the actual illustrations were very small, and just sides to the written word. If a picture book comes out I will get it to add to my collection. She has a show coming up of the original works at Merry Karnowsky which is here in southern cali. I hope to find time to go see it.