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Happy New year to readers of Tricia blog

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Happy New Year!

statistics show that readership more than doubled between Jan and Dec of this year, for that I am very grateful and inspired to continue blogging.

May 2011 find you bursting at the seams with creativity and blissful moments of joy and wonderment*****

A Stitch in Time or:

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

My mom recently brought a dress to me that was made by my Grandma, fondly referred to as Abuelita  (who has been deceased for over 20 years now). She told me that my grandma had never finished it because she didn’t have the zipper thingie on her sewing machine. It was for my third year in school and I had never known about the dress.


I like to stare at it. The adorable, old fashioned fabric remniscent of a simpler more innocent time, it’s crispy thin cotton, the trim she chose and thinking of her sitting at her sewing machine, with me in mind, pinches my heart and gives me heirloom joy.


I want to display it like a work of art. I might make a huge photograph of it, frame it and hang it on a wall. I could turn it into a sculpture piece  but I’m just not sure. I could drench it in paverpol and it would be super stiff but I would not want it to be flat so I would need to create an armature of wire and mesh. I would want it to be full rather than flat. I need to be absolutely certain about what I do with  it because I would be immensely disappointed if I ruined it or regretted changing it.  Yes, its just a thing but its a thing that my Grandma made with love and so it carries meaning. 

I bring this up because, since my brother’s death a few weeks ago, I wake every day pondering life and how the loss of life filters and impacts those who remain.  The thoughts and feelings associated with this have been intensely distracting and I continue to feel anxious and out of sorts and a bit depressed. I try to fill my time as I usually do but  I remain unproductive.



I saw the author of Eat Pray Love on the Oprah show yesterday, so many people have recommended the book and while I have not yet read it, I believe I need to work through my angst, and issues, in much the same way as said author did, by journaling about it. Not a public journal but a private journal. So, I bring this up because I am quite certain that the themes of my life will enter into my art endeavors, in between, outside and beside other projects although, how frequently I can not predict. And so, art and life shall twain. And I don’t see anything wrong with that.