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Work of Art

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

oh my gosh, the crying thing again!!! It must be very challenging to critique somehow who is an emotional wreck, sympathetic words could exacerbate the situation yet oblivious indifference seems to negate the intent. Either way, how uncomfortable it must be for all. I was surprised her piece did not eliminate her. One could say she made a small connection with what “her” child did by way of employing written words into the work, but I kept thinking, won’t someone please tell her how to spell divorce!!! But then I thought, oh, maybe she is deliberately misspelling like a child might do. :b

I did not think that Tewz’s piece was the weakest, I thought Lola’s piece was (the flowers).

A tricky challenge getting to a child like place conceptually while not making infantile art visually. Sucklord missed the mark, it started out interesting and the wood mannequins mimicking branches were interesting to me, but he should have kept the plastic toys out, and the painting did not help, the color choice diminished the fresh, airy, feeling that the child attained in his art.

There were several really cool pieces this week: Bayete’s piece with the fluttering butterflies, and I love the shadow box piece, great idea!! Michelle’s piece with all the rolled up paper worked well and I thought the use of construction paper apropo as well as her decision to not go to the dark place, although “her” child’s piece could be construed as mysterious or dark, just eyes with no faces, like monsters in a closet or under the bed~~

Kymia’s piece was wonderful!! When that little girl dropped to the floor and unleashed her imagination, well that could be a teachable moment! Like jack Keroac, she was on automatic!

Dusty’s interactive piece, clever.

A fun episode this week!

Seeing that SJP was going to be a judge I thought, why? Is she an artist, a gallerist, does she have any background in art qualifying her to judge. I was surprised by her thoughtful comments.

WANGA ( Work of Art the Next Great Artist)

Thursday, June 24th, 2010