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Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

While my time is for the most part currently usurped by our transition from one home to another, I have been able to do a drawing or sketch here and there.

This is a study for a painting, titled “Listening Fence”, the idea came from a dream I had, although in the dream, the figures were more angst and the heads were ended before the eyes start. that still could happen I am undecided until I start the painting.
I may change the composition a bit, depends on my intuition when I begin the painting.

This is also a sketch/study, the idea of being rooted. I may take that further…

I drew it on a piece of card board, that is all that was around at the time.

May 19th, the “Barbie as Gendered Object” exhibit will open at the Ann Street Gallery. If you live in NYC have a look, there you will see “Pucker” among other altered Barbie beauties.

I have been forcing myself to not spend too much time in the yard. In Calabasas the roses are in full, glorious bloom and are so lovely and fragrant. I do adore a cut flower and will be planting roses in Ojai for certain. If you are new to this blog, I am moving from Calabasas, Ca to Ojai, Ca. Both locations have their merits.

On the kitchen table, yellow beauties:
and on the living room coffee table, pretty in pink:

I tried to feed the birds by making these orange cups from a recipe I saw on pinterest.

I do believe that they ate the whole thing including the string 😀 inside, peanut butter, oatmeal, sun flower seeds and bird seed.

Thought I had a very sick pug on my hands, turns out he is just an old man :b

This is a pic of our house going up for rent May 15th, looking for good tenants~~

In the back, a bit of an oasis:

A lovely covered patio area with grill.

Its a little cluttered with my many plants which I will be removing soon. The house is in a safe and quiet neighborhood. We love a Mediterranean style house and have eleven contented years, but times and needs change 😀
That is bout it for an update, I hope to be creating a lot more soon.

Falling eggs

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

This is a tiny little dove egg, it fell from the pergola in the back yard where momma dove is nesting. It happens every year, falling dove eggs. It looks like something ate the yolk out of this one 🙁 One would think that after loosing so many babies doves would learn to build a better nest. On a happier note, the Dahlia is starting to bloom 🙂

This would be a pretty room for plants. We went to look at properties last weekend, in Calif you don’t get much bang for your buck even though prices have dropped significantly, some by 50%

I love adobe color tile and a Spanish style home, almost as much as a Meditteranean style home.

The entrance to this house was covered with honeysuckle, it is so fragrant, but I imagine the bees would terrify and I would have to leave the house from a side door.

Off topic, the Hub took a ride on a friend’s 1937 air plane. Its retro cool.