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Bravo’s Work of Art, the Next Great Artist, Episode 8

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

During the critique, when Peregine glanced askew and sneered that “Mark could have given her more” I saw that not only did she not want to take responsibility for her weak piece but she wanted to let Mark take the blame, at that moment I lost interest in her winning. Conniving, manipulation and deceit ala “Survivor” and Miles Mendenhall, puts a bad name to good art, were there any. While the judges apparently don’t see the goings on behind the scenes the public does and its hard to separate the art work from the artist behavior and attitude and one hopes that decency prevails. Because of its game show like format, its a matter of luck and one good piece, even Abdi stands a chance. And since Abdi and Nicole are the only two who havn’t tried to be underhanded my hope is that they will strike it lucky with an outrageously good idea and maybe even a strong work of art.

Mark seems unpretentious and allowed himself to be vulnerable at Peregine’s bidding. China Chow’s tears at the end probably had to do with recognizing Mark’s sincere effort and then being shot down, not sure, but for her to shake that icy demeanor had to mean she was touched…And honestly, while the heaven and hell topic was trite to begin with, Marks piece worked better to me than Peregrine’s grommetted, glittered gunky cigarette butts of a mess.

Jaclyn’s piece was suppose to be about masturbating while standing up but her posture read something else to me. The limp hand shrouding her pubic area and her pose with head thrown back appears to be an act of complete surrender and maybe shame (as a fig leaf would do, covering nudity) rather than control. This is after all what happens with an orgasm, a complete surrender of bodily function. I would be interested in what scholarly feminists in the know would say about that. It seems that the meekness of it in contrast to a powerful stance and confrontational stare, in the nude or not, might have been more effective if trying to convey feminine “control”. And oddly enough, Mile’s piece, which was suppose to convey masculine/out of control, showed literal, violent penetration, think what you will, but he did penetrate that wall with his fist.

Work of Art Episode 7, Child’s Play

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Well, here I am talking about my current fav show again. You know I can’t help myself. Its just to0 much fun, resistance is futile.

As soon as the group realized what their current challenge would be I knew they would have a very hard time of it. Creating, sophisticated art with elementary school supplies should not be hard in theory, but all those primary and bright colors will inevitably make an adult work appear juvenile, though not necessarily. I found myself wishing I could give them ideas, why not try this, do that, as Simon de Pury noticed the first attempts for the most part were weak.

I was curious to see what Jaclyn would do, since, using her body as reference and source would be tricky and clearly she struggled, her childhood experience is different than her adult experience, as a child, she was lonely and isolated, which gives a glimpse into understanding her high need for attention as an adult. Next week her piece will rely on her depiction of a private sexual act, her comfort zone.

I would have loved to see what Nao would have done with this challenge 😀

For the record, I liked Nicole’s piece most 😀 The white squares reminded me of school cafeteria trays (food for thought), and the layering effect and presentation, well done. And, In a shrinking group of big hungry egos, she seems so down to earth and grounded, refreshing.

This morning I went to Jerry Saltz’s (One of the judges on the show) blog as I do every week since I enjoy his recaps and all the banter that follows and I weighed in about Mile’s piece with this comment:

“While it was an afterthought (although the judges wouldn’t know it) Miles rubber band balls pulled the piece together in an interesting way conceptually and visually yet they seem to have no bearing on the judges analysis of the piece, unless it was edited that way.

The rubber band balls could be related to the inception of his child experiences by color (as he said, primary colors) playing with bouncing balls (I’m resisting any anatomical puns here) and definitely his ocd. Starting with a single band and winding and building the form over and over. The juxtaposition of the organic, round, muted, colorful forms caring a variety of meaning next to the sterile, black and white wall piece which was also an ocd type piece with its repetitive straight edged black squares, did represent more than just a repeat of what he has done before, which shouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing ( one could argue) since everything an artist does today originates with personal experience and with what one has done before, as a child. I hope that makes sense.”

I was more than thrilled to get a response from him:

“Dear Mr. or Ms. tanders
Thank you for your comments.
I had not noticed, as you point out, that “Miles rubber band balls pulled the piece together in an interesting way conceptually and visually.” You are right “They seem to have no bearing on the judges analysis of the piece.” I don’t really even remember the rubberband balls. D’oh! See, critics! Can’t live ‘em; can’t shoot ‘em.
You are right “rubber band balls could be related to the inception of his child experiences by color (as he said, primary colors) playing with bouncing balls (I’m resisting any anatomical puns here) and definitely his ocd.”
You’re good.
One of the reasons I wanted to do this show is to show that ‘real people’ could be great critics of art; that ‘real people’ can see as well and better than many in the art world.
You’re proof that this is true; unless you’re a ringer. Is this Miles? Or a friend of Miles? Come on!
Thank you,
Jerry Saltz”


Of course I don’t know Miles and responded with my real name~~

Pug, WoA, episode 6

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Took my girl pug to the vet this morning to have her damaged eye revisited and its healing quite satisfactorily. !! 😀 JOY ! the hole int he cornea has shrunk to less than half its original size and it looks like surgery won’t be necessary and she won’t lose her eye. really, I’m swelling with peace of mind.
About episode 6 of Work of Art the Next Great Artist:

I know a lot of people think erik behaved like a jerk which he did, but some forget that he has had a traumatic brain injury and that could affect his impulse control. Honestly I think that some of his frustrations were warranted. From the get go Miles took over. Erik’s ideas were constantly dissed and not negotiated at all. Knowing that his elimination was imminent if he could not claim his part in the execution of the idea beyond just doing heavy lifting and construction must have been maddeningly frustrating. He did not express his frustration effectively but other team mates did not help matters, I thought it was a set up for exclusion and not a fair collaboration. Suddenly sleepy anti social Miles was all take charge and further claiming his import by referring to his previous piece saying it was a continuation of his ideas from that. The episode was so drama filled that most discussion elsewhere is about the personalities rather than the art pieces which were both not great, and understood, materials and time constraints, and working as a team (not natural for most artists) prevents anything really inspired to occur. The other team was completely opposite, and the happenstance choice of team members couldn’t have been more deliberately designed had it been. If you get what I’m saying. The challenge itself dosn’t seem an effective barometer for illuminating talent or the execution of ideas. Since the winner of Work of art is an individual, grouping them together in creation, awkwardly dilutes their singular chances for winning and forces them to give up control over their own outcome.

Can’t wait till next week 😀 !! haha

The day is unfolding very slowly for me, I’m wanting to stew in my happy pug momma feelings, savoring the goodness for my girly pug. Plan to do some yard work, housework, artwork and cooking. Intending to appreciate my life and home, my furry creatures and hub. Wishing all a good day and good weekend. Stay cool!

Pug, Work of Art, Bergamot and Lolita

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Took girlie pug back to the vet yesterday morn and her eye has healed about 20%, and as I pointed out to the vet at least she is opening it now. I take her back again next Friday and if its not healing fast enough he will do some kind of surgery to stimulate faster healing, something about scratching the cornea ughhhhhhhhhh! anyway we are putting drops in about every couple of hours and watching her closely, a little energy is coming back, and I have high hopes we will save her eye.

Work of Art, The Next Great Artist: It seems like people either embrace it or hate it. If one takes it seriously, as the vehicle for representing art and the artists life, there will be a whole lot of teeth sucking and “WTF” !!. But, if seen for what it is, entertaining comedy, well, then, there are many laugh out loud moments, hilarity even.

If Andy Warhol were alive today I am certain he would think it wonderful and delight in all the inanity, not only that I suspect he would want to be a part of it in some way, ANY way that he could. The show itself is a kind of a Work of Art with its wonderful product placement (AUDI) from which an art challenge is derived wow, brilliant! (eye rolllllllll) I’ll be looking for when the artists while working in the studio will all be seen refreshing themselves with icy cold bottles of pepsi as they smile into the camera and break out into dance or song ala American Idol. haha so preposterous, I love it.

Once again Jaclyn and Miles made the critique. And in fact, boobaliciou Jaclyn managed to get the lions share of attention (on the show and in the forums online) with her (somewhat tiresome) look at me, look at you, looking at me, as she attempts a sophisticated way to turn the table on the male gaze as a way of a feminine empowerment statement which falls short due to her obvious love of the male gaze. The way she uses feminist words shows her lack of sophistication but has not hampered her happenstance good luck on the show. If I thought that she actually, really, conceptually knew what she was doing I might find her success a little more palatable. But, she just has a germ of an idea, how can I use my body, garnering what she can from other contestants. At the rate she is going she could win the show and then we would see Jaclyn and her boobs in as many ways as she can exploit them at the Brookly Museum of art for her solo show!! hahaha what a coup that would be.

My fav pieces, Miles and Nicole’s. I also thought the drawings done by Peregrine were funny and clever (though, not aesthetically meaty), “an inny not an Audi” haha, fun. But she did not even make the crit. oh well.

So, I am looking forward to next weeks installment, while it really dosn’t represent the art world or an artist’s life, its pure entertainment if you like reality challenge shows. I do. I hope someone comes up with another artist reality show, more connected with reality, like, artists of all ages and looks as well as varying points in careers are given a theme or a challenge for which they have a substantial amount of time to complete, culminating in a show that is heartily reviewed by well seasoned artists and critics and we get to hear a lot more of the rationale for eliminations and winners chosen. Oh and, they don’t have to shop at Utrecht or drive an audi and they aren’t limited to 100.00 but are given a stipend at the beginning for which they have to stretch out or use their own moohlah to supplement. Thats more like real life since most artists have little money and beg and borrow as needed from friends or family. Either that or they have to be resourceful and inventive with ideas and materials. Now that is real. Life ain’t always fair. Maybe I’ll come up with a pitch myself. 😀

Jerry and I spent yesterday at Bergamot station, looking at art. Now that is my kind of day. But one gallerist took so much of our time trying to tell me how I should be an artist and the kind of art I should make and how low brow is going down. My gosh, he was intelligent but so arrogant using us as two pair of ears to impress himself with all his knowledge. gotta say, he got under my skin. I really dislike when asked as a test, “Do you know… or are you familiar with this artist… Do you read artforum…how often do you get out…” Really presumptuous to assess my level of knowledge or savvy by one simple fact, my making low brow art. He mentioned one figurative artist whose name I did not recall as proof that I am not familiar with what successful artists are doing, which could not be more wrong since I constantly familiarize myself and look at what is going on in the art world and after I looked up the aforementioned artist online: John Currin.

well, yes, I have seen his work (and love it) and forgot his name. WHATEVER. If I spend much more of my time studying who is successful I sure as hell can not get my own work done and could feel very defeated. I suspect that most of those really successful big name artists don’t spend a lot of time seeing what every one else is doing because they are too busy with their own work, and developing. I’m not suggesting live in a cocoon but there is a certain amount of reclusive and insulated behavior that is necessary for most artists. I could really go on and on about this gallerist’s commentary, but I’ll spare you. I guess that was a bit of a vent, yeah, a little defensive since, I basically live every daY, steeped in all aspects of the artist’s life. Anyway, enough of that.