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Lolita With her Prince

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Almost done with this one, oil on canvas 24 x 24 in. After one more day of drying I will finish the dress and frog, some glazing and details. That should take about an hour tomorrow.

lolita with her Prince

I figure since the whole dress up thing, women dressing up like little girls and little girls dressing up like women is all storybook and fantasy, so why not have a prince. I need to be careful with the Lolita idea though because without an edge its very trite and so similar to a gazillion big eyed girl illustrations out there, not to diminish my own imagery or concepts but to defend my position as a thinking artist. Okay, I won’t go off on that tangent. today. By the way, I am totally okay that people don’t like my art or my ideas or my style, nobody can please everybody and I always welcome constructive remarks, criticism, questions or jokes, I can do without disdain…