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Little Old Pugs

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

one is 12 and the other is ten

laptop, pug love

Friday, July 30th, 2010

I get to start the day with a good thing. My laptop, is ready to be picked up from the mac store!! Best of all, fixed, FOR FREE!! Something about the main board or hard board (sorry, don’t know tech terminology) that has been happening with other macs and its kind of like a recall situation. Its a relief, I usually sit in bed in the morning before getting up and watch the news and read my email and stuff and then again in bed at night before going to sleep. NEED me lap top!!

Was going to write a bit about my thoughts on WOA, maybe a little later, after I get my lap top back. Dear lap top, I love you.

Oh, girl pug had a good visit to the vet yesterday, her eye is still on the path of healing naturally, blessing!!! And her usually sassy demeanor has returned. I love her big personality so much. But here is a nasty thing to reveal. When I took her into the vet, she gets all trembly in the waiting room and wants me to pick her up and hold her in my lap which I do even though she is shedding super crazy right now, and guess what!!, poopie on the shirt. Damn that was nasty, I mean not a whole bunch, a tiny bit really, but nasty still. Oh the price of being a pug momma. (Small price, teensy weensy for BIG pug love :D)