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Phantom coughs

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Thought I heard my puggie coughing this morning, but of course it was phantom coughs. The house is stuffed full of empty and today I go about picking up the dog pillows from every room in the house. Sassy had to be with me always, so whatever room I was in, her pillow was there, or plastic garbage bag with blankets inside, she was very fond of cozying up to bags or, purses. Its a peculiar feeling to put away her blankets and pillows and crates, its so very final. Her demise was truly unexpected, at 13 years old we figured we had a couple more years with her, she was a feisty spirited little girl! A sassy one indeed! So, I was completely blindsided when I took her to the vet and they had to put her on oxygen. The vet said that if I took her home we run the risk of her suffocating to death overnight. She was functioning on a 1/4 in windpipe, her heart was enlarged and leaking fluid into the lungs. Since she was breathing so hard, gulping air the stomach was also enlarged. I just thought she has some king of kennel cough or allergies. With every pet I learn something new. The pain of her death won’t stop me from having another dog or two, the unconditional love of a dog is so beautiful and inspiring. Dogs are teachers and for sure, Sassy had me wrapped around her little paw!
Through this tragedy I had company, my girlies and sweet little “Lily” were with us Sat., Sun and Mon. Monday was when I took Sassy to the vet while Malika and Laura went to take care of some business in L.A. to return later that evening. Its Laura’s birthday week so I was preparing for a nice dinner celebration. It was a challenging, emotional tug of war that pulsed through me all day. Grieving for my dog and preparing for a joyous birthday party. I could not let a black cloud linger over the evening and ruin a beautiful memory making moment, nor did I want to. I tried to purge the tears, and I reminded myself, that, her death is also a celebration of her life and it would be okay to be happy and in the moment. I did my best, but as soon as her name is mentioned, well, you know. At any rate, what I am trying to say is that I was so grateful to busy myself with meal preparation and then for the tender love of my darling girl Laura Damian and the deep caring from my “bestie”, Malika Parker, their company helped so much. I feel confident that the evening was not tainted with misery, that we commiserated as needed and treasured our time together. We toasted and cheered and laughed and argued till we had our fill. That is’ precious LIFE! We love, we lose, we draw close to our hearts those kindred spirits who help us get through it, what a beautiful, sacred evening.

Puggie Buggie yarn bombed

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Pug, WoA, episode 6

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Took my girl pug to the vet this morning to have her damaged eye revisited and its healing quite satisfactorily. !! 😀 JOY ! the hole int he cornea has shrunk to less than half its original size and it looks like surgery won’t be necessary and she won’t lose her eye. really, I’m swelling with peace of mind.
About episode 6 of Work of Art the Next Great Artist:

I know a lot of people think erik behaved like a jerk which he did, but some forget that he has had a traumatic brain injury and that could affect his impulse control. Honestly I think that some of his frustrations were warranted. From the get go Miles took over. Erik’s ideas were constantly dissed and not negotiated at all. Knowing that his elimination was imminent if he could not claim his part in the execution of the idea beyond just doing heavy lifting and construction must have been maddeningly frustrating. He did not express his frustration effectively but other team mates did not help matters, I thought it was a set up for exclusion and not a fair collaboration. Suddenly sleepy anti social Miles was all take charge and further claiming his import by referring to his previous piece saying it was a continuation of his ideas from that. The episode was so drama filled that most discussion elsewhere is about the personalities rather than the art pieces which were both not great, and understood, materials and time constraints, and working as a team (not natural for most artists) prevents anything really inspired to occur. The other team was completely opposite, and the happenstance choice of team members couldn’t have been more deliberately designed had it been. If you get what I’m saying. The challenge itself dosn’t seem an effective barometer for illuminating talent or the execution of ideas. Since the winner of Work of art is an individual, grouping them together in creation, awkwardly dilutes their singular chances for winning and forces them to give up control over their own outcome.

Can’t wait till next week 😀 !! haha

The day is unfolding very slowly for me, I’m wanting to stew in my happy pug momma feelings, savoring the goodness for my girly pug. Plan to do some yard work, housework, artwork and cooking. Intending to appreciate my life and home, my furry creatures and hub. Wishing all a good day and good weekend. Stay cool!

Puggie Drama

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

I knew my pugster was out of sorts, waited until tues to take him to the vets and turns out he has diabetes. This has been a stressful development and has slightly distracted and overwhelmed me with the responsibility of it.  The sick boy is my original pug and I have intense fear of losing him.

At least its treatable.

I’ll go to the pharmacy for his insulin this morn and afterwards need to go to work. I’m so worried about him he may go with me.

I’m hosting an art doll round robin and need to get that all coordinated this eve and finishing up hearts for the exhibit in Pasadena. I hope to upload some pics this afternoon.

Thats it for an update for now. Boo hoo boring.


Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

peace has been on my mind a lot this year.

My puggie had another seizure and spent  another day at the vet, its still a guessing game, at this point we are just trying to control the seizures. Its heartbreaking.