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Atcs and lost keys

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

I woke up happy in spite of the restless night and I work at the gallery today. I made up a box of glass ornaments and greeting cards, tags and atcs.


The annual Holiday party is tomorrow night five to ten.  I’m also trying to finish up three bottle dolls for someone who purchases one every year, last year it was slim pickings as I think I only put one out 🙁  I seem to operate this way, obsess about a particular medium  until I burn out on it then move on to the next, although I never seem to tire of painting probably because there really is no limit to imagery.  I wanted to make some figures like the ones to the right of the screen but time is eaten up in so many ways lately.  Like yesterdays wasted day:

I arrived at the store about 9:00 a.m. hopeing to get all errands and chores done early so I could work on art stuffs, when as I got ready to leave and paid for my purchases I realized that I did not have the car key I came in with.The lone car key that is so puffy I can’t put it onto a key ring and have to carry it loose. I retraced my steps ten times over, meticulously, and determinedly trying to find it in the massive chaos that is the Dollar Tree.

Round one, no key, round two, what did I handle, what did I pick up?, round three, pulling hair, round four, shit, round five, oh god what am I gonna do?, round six, a new damn key is 250.00, round seven, it would be the second time this year, round eight, stomps foot, why is there sooooo much crap here, oh yeah its the dollar store, round nine, I don’t have my stinkin cell phone, round ten, F— BOMB!!, I have to call my husband at work!!

I explained to the store manager what had happened and asked her if I could use the phone to call for help. SHe said "oh no its a business phone" for criminey sake, would it hurt to cut me some slack, a little kindness perhaps??? its the freakin holiday spirit, grumpy, careless, mean scroogism abounds!! you ugly thing!!!

Trying  to find a public pay phone, is nearly impossible anymore. I have a blackberry but never remember to bring it with me and constantly forget to charge it, so I had to borrow someone’s phone, and hubby was not very happy about canceling the afternoon meetings. I was there for FOUR hours, what a night mare. That definately put a crimp in yesterday’s productivity, bleh.

Well, the experience serves to remind me to slow down and be mindful. 

I did finish a sweet little ornie last night, she has a vintage plastic Christmas tree on her head and I just might keep her!! I’ll try to take a pic this afternoon when I return from work.

Best wishes for a great day to all readers of this blog today