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Monday, March 8th, 2010

So I feel like I should comment about Alice in Wonderland since I posted about it in an earlier post. I went to see it on Friday of last week and while the visuals and characters were fascinating (of course!) the story itself left something to be desired. A bit disappointed I am 🙁

Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen was my fav, no surprise there. And, well Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, whats not to love. And I adored the Cheshire Cat. About mid way I noticed it felt like there was no 3d and while some people find 3d annoying I enjoy it especially for movies such as Alice that are based a lot on the visual. The story begins with Alice returning from having left Wonderland as a young girl and now of marrying age, once again she falls down a rabbit hole and that was exciting. I was so ready for it! But it was less and less enchanting as it wore on until it culminated in a battle scene between Alice and a creature and that, nah, not so good. Still, there was plenty of charming, clever and and artistic aspects to keep me entertained. I’d say two stars. Out of four.

Speaking of ALice In Wonderland, I really like Trevor Browne’s illustrations which are available in prints. And, the 80 page hardback book.

Speaking of movies, I did watch the Oscars yesterday (nearly all day)!
I’m glad The Hurt Locker won best picture, not only because after 82 years of Oscars its the first time a woman has won but because I thought it deserved it. While Avatar was all flashy and expensive to make, I mentioned before that the story itself has been told before. The Hurt Locker was very meaty and different. The idea of war being addictive which is the premise of the movie is so interesting and relevant. I watched GI Jane yesterday (remember that with Demi Moore) and I thought about the hurt Locker because while in training for the Navy Seals, the exercises although tough, had a lot of excitement, by that I mean jumping from planes, rafting, flying, etc, things that thrill seeker type personalities would love and then of course the adrenaline rush of overcoming adversity, of succeeding and getting stronger. All big ego trips. And addictive I think. In the hurt Locker there is that adrenaline rush when the guy who takes apart bombs before they blow has only minutes to save lives including his own. When all is said and done, in spite of the danger nothing else in real life can compare. Its Russian roulette.

I knew Sandra Bullock was the favorite for the best actress category but I was so hoping for a surprise, like Gabourey Sidebe!! Every time I have seen her interviewed I am so in awe of how at ease she is with her appearance. She is not self conscious or apologetic at all about her weight and she has a delightful and infectious Joie de vivre. I am bummed that I still havn’t seen Precious. I really want to see Monique’s performance.

In other news, I feel like I need to post a picture so here is my Heart Joya that finally has a new leaf after over a year! yay!
IMG_0105 copy