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Passiflora or the Passion Flower

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

I have written about the passion vine before there are several varieties, this one was growing on a property that I went to see yesterday and its intricate unreal looking beauty is always so bewilderingly perfect.

I learned a little interesting tid bits about the passion vine from Susan Ford Collins who writes about it in her flickr set. In fact she goes into great detail about many wonderful exotic plants, great photos and information.

The shape of the stamens is other-worldly! Purple, white and green spots cover these creature-like stamens. Yellow-green pollen hangs ready for attracted visiting bees.

The Jesuit priests who saw natives of the New World eating Passion fruit took it as a sign that they were hungry for Christianity. In the red species, the color symbolized the blood shed on the cross, the 5 stamens the wounds, the 3 styles the 3 nails, the vine tendrils the ropes and scourges, the 3 secondary leaf bracts the Holy Trinity.

In the blue/purple species, white symbolized the purity and blue, the heaven above. The flower is usually open for 3 days representing the 3 years of Christ’s ministry on Earth.

And this woman uses the passion vine to her advantage

Purple Passion, Passiflora, Passiflora violacea

Morning Glory

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

The morning glory is positively glowing this morning!