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Bravo’s Work of Art Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

No blog prompt today just your basic yakity yak about…

I feel good because I had a sound night’s sleep! I am rested AND, stress free because we will be traveling no where on this Thanksgiving eve! I am not fond of traveling unless its for some foreign or exotic adventure to a place I’ve never been. I’m happy to see family but I rather they do the traveling and I do the cooking 😀 But this year no one is coming over and we are going out to a restaurant since we have no kitchen sink, its in the process of being replaced. I won’t need to cook or clean, YAY! for no pressure holidays. Anyway, I try to be thankful/grateful daily, its a way of life and I’m no Pollyanna, but a mantra of positivity and appreciation can only be good. If you are traveling, my best wishes for a safe and swift trip and a memorable drama free Thanksgiving dinner!

Tonight, a serious bit of fluff entertainment, my guilty pleasure WOA!! It probably won’t be nearly as entertaining without the amusing “Sucklord”, but we’ll see! love to hear your thoughts if you watch it…*edit* not back on till 11/30

Today I’ll be packing and printing as I have recently made a few art sales. Then a bit of cleaning and walking the pugsters. I attached a coupler to their leash so seeing eye dog sassy could take the lead for blind boy, Balthazar. It works great!

Yesterday on our walk, in the midst of all green there is a single orange leafed tree, it looks like its on fire! What a stunning tree it is, and you can’t tell in this photo but the leaves are nearly neon in their coloration and glow, so so pretty! Nature can truly be a work of art 😀

Life’s gifts, like a flaming orange tree, so much to be thankful for!

Saboteuring Mean Girls on Bravo’s Work of Art

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Double ughs, Michelle and Lola. Lola rationalizing about cutting in lines as a child because her impatient mother could not wait shows that her inclination for bullying is inherited. Her annoyance with Kymia because she is polite and has manners reveals just how little she cares about her own character, but then, “mean” girls aren’t about caring, they are about, demeaning, or ignoring others to make their selves feel superior. Michelle and Lola sitting around laughing at their own poor behavior, buying in to each others self righteous folly, is revealed in the content of their piece. Once you get behind the surface and imagine yourself the voyeur as they suggest, you are confronted with devious behavior and debauchery. This is taken further by deliberately and repeatedly trying to sabotage others work as they giggled with joy at their “mischievous” actions. They should have been eliminated for that. Granted, yes in real life, street art is tagged, but the act of tagging is different from the act of creating a work of art that is about to be judged for a tv show. They make the Sucklord look classy. While I liked the sort of no holds barred approach at letting their imaginations go, the whimsey, the silly, the contrary-ness of their choice of imagery, the actual art work fell flat. Difficult to see, poorly composed and not big or bold enough to fit the scale of the wall. Visually or conceptually they didn’t pull it off.

Speaking of Sucklord, the most entertaining aspect of the show has now been eliminated, there won’t be quite as many laugh out loud moments.

Young and Dusty’s piece was cool, but did not really have a street art vibe. I liked the way they put there differences aside to really come together in a very compatible way, but I like Kymia’s and Sarah J’s piece best. The big bold imagery fit the space, was interesting, and clearly something was uprooted.

I hope Dusty wins and I can’t wait to see him scrunched into young’s short shorts LOL!!

I loved the little white dress that China Chow wore for them to paint on. I had to kind of suck my teeth at Simone de Prury’s attempt at being cool by adding to the sucklord’s boob spots, oh brother :b hahah

JERK OF ART: The world's worst artist



WOA; ripped from the Headlines

Friday, November 11th, 2011

It is clearly not easy to be an art critic. The comments at Jerry Saltz on his ny mag recap section can be brutal. I cringe to read them, but he handles them with such dignity and even humility. I don’t get why people have to be hostile with their opinions, jeeze, its just a little hour of entertainment show.

The eliminations each week are unpredictable and a matter of random unluck. Last year some of the better artists were eliminated early, more for distinguishing themselves overtly than for doing a worse piece than some other artestant. Sucklord remains out of pure luck, I am not convinced that his piece wasn’t the worse and as he readily admits that he is only there because one other person made a piece worse than his. There is something about his personality that is sort of endearing but I am beginning to wonder if he is a true artist. Michelle, is consistent and has a grasp on the it thing about art, that inexplicable thing that separates a designer or illustrator from a fine artist. I loved her painting in this episode, and was glad to see her talent extends beyond her paper rolling abilities.

I fully expected someone to do a paper mache piece! Perfect for a newspaper assignment. Lola actually did this with her odd useless weapons and the critics were really impressed. I did not care for the drawing, I think I have a natural aversion to artists who trace. In the end the drawing was weak imo and the objects disparate creating a piece that was not cohesive.

I’m convinced that the artists need to be better able to articulate their thoughts and ideas with clarity and more sophistication. I think this is why I would like to see more mature, more seasoned artists.

I thought Dusty’s piece was stronger than Young’s. I didn’t understand what Bayete was trying to communicate and his piece was weak, BUT, he has done a couple of strong pieces while Sara K has squeaked by, I literally forgot she was there, but there is no points for winning or having an accumulation of successful works, so Bayete goes and laughing Sara stays. Sara whose piece was so visually uninspired save for one little part in the upper right hand corner, I wonder how that composition was decided upon.

Kymia’s piece was kind of a monstrosity, I dunno, trite metaphor, poorly crafted..

Sara Jimenez did a wonderful painting. So, glad because I did not want to see her cry again. Not that I don’t have compassion for the cryers but because it takes some of the focus away from what matters, an honest appraisal of the works, something that can be useful to the artist or clarifying for the viewer. Serious artists must be thick skinned. Create from the heart but distance one’s self from the outcome, being a witness to the residue of one’s thinking is a skill to be honed. Those who use their art as a means of cathartics’ may be better served keeping it for their own emotional journey as one would with a journal. Or, at least, work through some issues before barring the soul to the public. I mean, art work like the ever popular and favored Frida Kahlo, are autobiographical without the angst, they are a vehicle for her surreal vision and a metaphor for her life’s journey, in the final analysis, she had a healthy detachment from them.

WoA episode Two

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The challenge itself was interesting enough, but making it into a team effort seemed to dilute the possibility for cohesion right from the start. Isn’t the point of creating teams so that the teams make one unified piece? Last year the two teams respectively created single pieces from a supposedly unified idea, ending up with two works of art to judge. In the “motion” episode all artists were off doing their own thing creating a theme and variation challenge with each artist tackling it individually, not really a group effort.

If I had gone into that exhibit with no information i doubt that I would have guessed it to be a show about motion. The theme was hopelessly over conceptualized, distilling the idea of motion into convoluted sub categories like circles and playgrounds. I had to laugh when Sucklord who at first was designated the intestines for a “poop” piece commented “this shit has to move”, ha! good thing, “poop” piece never got off the ground or out the poop chute or sphincter or whatever :b

Bayete really redeemed his self this round. I thinks he was the only one who truly hit the mark.

All the individual works were so boring, feel like I’m copping out by not talking about them but eh, blegh.Maybe I’ll think about it some more but feeling like maybe not.

Work of Art Final Episode

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

I was saying two episodes back, that Abdi could win, that it was possible and that his sincerity and, genuine enthusiasm, unfettered by any criticisms could lift him up to a place of possibility and while I thought all three finalists were about equal in their final shows I am glad that it was Abdi who won. His appreciation and love for his mom at the conclusion, really lovely, and so, non manipulative behavior and talent prevailed.

Bravo’s Work of Art, the Next Great Artist, Episode 8

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

During the critique, when Peregine glanced askew and sneered that “Mark could have given her more” I saw that not only did she not want to take responsibility for her weak piece but she wanted to let Mark take the blame, at that moment I lost interest in her winning. Conniving, manipulation and deceit ala “Survivor” and Miles Mendenhall, puts a bad name to good art, were there any. While the judges apparently don’t see the goings on behind the scenes the public does and its hard to separate the art work from the artist behavior and attitude and one hopes that decency prevails. Because of its game show like format, its a matter of luck and one good piece, even Abdi stands a chance. And since Abdi and Nicole are the only two who havn’t tried to be underhanded my hope is that they will strike it lucky with an outrageously good idea and maybe even a strong work of art.

Mark seems unpretentious and allowed himself to be vulnerable at Peregine’s bidding. China Chow’s tears at the end probably had to do with recognizing Mark’s sincere effort and then being shot down, not sure, but for her to shake that icy demeanor had to mean she was touched…And honestly, while the heaven and hell topic was trite to begin with, Marks piece worked better to me than Peregrine’s grommetted, glittered gunky cigarette butts of a mess.

Jaclyn’s piece was suppose to be about masturbating while standing up but her posture read something else to me. The limp hand shrouding her pubic area and her pose with head thrown back appears to be an act of complete surrender and maybe shame (as a fig leaf would do, covering nudity) rather than control. This is after all what happens with an orgasm, a complete surrender of bodily function. I would be interested in what scholarly feminists in the know would say about that. It seems that the meekness of it in contrast to a powerful stance and confrontational stare, in the nude or not, might have been more effective if trying to convey feminine “control”. And oddly enough, Mile’s piece, which was suppose to convey masculine/out of control, showed literal, violent penetration, think what you will, but he did penetrate that wall with his fist.

Work of Art Episode 7, Child’s Play

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Well, here I am talking about my current fav show again. You know I can’t help myself. Its just to0 much fun, resistance is futile.

As soon as the group realized what their current challenge would be I knew they would have a very hard time of it. Creating, sophisticated art with elementary school supplies should not be hard in theory, but all those primary and bright colors will inevitably make an adult work appear juvenile, though not necessarily. I found myself wishing I could give them ideas, why not try this, do that, as Simon de Pury noticed the first attempts for the most part were weak.

I was curious to see what Jaclyn would do, since, using her body as reference and source would be tricky and clearly she struggled, her childhood experience is different than her adult experience, as a child, she was lonely and isolated, which gives a glimpse into understanding her high need for attention as an adult. Next week her piece will rely on her depiction of a private sexual act, her comfort zone.

I would have loved to see what Nao would have done with this challenge 😀

For the record, I liked Nicole’s piece most 😀 The white squares reminded me of school cafeteria trays (food for thought), and the layering effect and presentation, well done. And, In a shrinking group of big hungry egos, she seems so down to earth and grounded, refreshing.

This morning I went to Jerry Saltz’s (One of the judges on the show) blog as I do every week since I enjoy his recaps and all the banter that follows and I weighed in about Mile’s piece with this comment:

“While it was an afterthought (although the judges wouldn’t know it) Miles rubber band balls pulled the piece together in an interesting way conceptually and visually yet they seem to have no bearing on the judges analysis of the piece, unless it was edited that way.

The rubber band balls could be related to the inception of his child experiences by color (as he said, primary colors) playing with bouncing balls (I’m resisting any anatomical puns here) and definitely his ocd. Starting with a single band and winding and building the form over and over. The juxtaposition of the organic, round, muted, colorful forms caring a variety of meaning next to the sterile, black and white wall piece which was also an ocd type piece with its repetitive straight edged black squares, did represent more than just a repeat of what he has done before, which shouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing ( one could argue) since everything an artist does today originates with personal experience and with what one has done before, as a child. I hope that makes sense.”

I was more than thrilled to get a response from him:

“Dear Mr. or Ms. tanders
Thank you for your comments.
I had not noticed, as you point out, that “Miles rubber band balls pulled the piece together in an interesting way conceptually and visually.” You are right “They seem to have no bearing on the judges analysis of the piece.” I don’t really even remember the rubberband balls. D’oh! See, critics! Can’t live ‘em; can’t shoot ‘em.
You are right “rubber band balls could be related to the inception of his child experiences by color (as he said, primary colors) playing with bouncing balls (I’m resisting any anatomical puns here) and definitely his ocd.”
You’re good.
One of the reasons I wanted to do this show is to show that ‘real people’ could be great critics of art; that ‘real people’ can see as well and better than many in the art world.
You’re proof that this is true; unless you’re a ringer. Is this Miles? Or a friend of Miles? Come on!
Thank you,
Jerry Saltz”


Of course I don’t know Miles and responded with my real name~~