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Little Face

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Tonight at Ten Women we have our annual holiday party in conjunction with the Abbott Kinney Art walk. We put out two buck chuck (and call it cocktails, hah!) and we all bring appetizers.

Here is a little face made from a mold I took of a doll that Nic ( ) sent to me, I love its moon like quality!


These are very crafty and easy to make, just find interesting bottles, try to see what is inherently interesting about the bottle and go with enhancing that aspect. Using colored tissue, or any other thin paper you like, apply to bottle with perfect paper adhesive.  The head is a flat clear glass round ornament, inside a painted piece of canvas, insert into the neck of the bottle, super simple.

In this case I matched the blue of the bottle with the blue of the paper, it gives it a transparent kind of look

I left one part of the bottle untouched giving a window into what is inside; snowflakes!




Ten women

Friday, September 21st, 2007

The Ten Women Gallery got three good reviews on yay for us!!!