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WIp : The Moon and the Stars Followed Her

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

WIP: the moon and the stars followed her

Work in Progress: Under The Big Top

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

this is loosely based on a doll I created back in 2007,
Under the Big Top

work in progress, walking with her monster

Friday, October 7th, 2011

wip walking her monster

Red Confetti, WIP, vinyl records,

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

oil on canvas, “Red Confetti” is 4 feet by five feet a work in progress. It is the largest size I do, any larger means issues with transportation, or selling.

I wanted to put red birds in this painting as I thought they would add great spots of color and contrast to the sky, so I did a search on flickr for red birds and found an image I was quite taken with. The photograph was titled red confetti and it looked like part of the sky was dense with red confetti and hands reaching up as if having thrown it, it was striking against the sky and at closer inspection, you see that the confetti is shaped like flying birds, brilliant! and the caption explains that the confetti has lyrics on the bird’s wings. I adore the idea and the concept, touching. At the last, I will add words to the wings, stylistically I am debating about it and about the meaning the words will carry. The hoop skirt of course is a cage from which the birds exit, I still have some more thinking to do about the conceptual aspects and also how I want to finish out the colors, I’m thinking to tone down or mute the color so the red birds will pop. This picture is cropped and taken at an odd angle.

I do need to make my way over to La Luz de Jesus to pick up something I am excited about, just not sure I will make it out there today. Its rainy and cold. Pugs are snoring. I have a glue book I am working in every day, its helping me to keep organized.

I have not submitted or entered a single competition or art show at all this year so far, not sure why I am not motivated, but need to snap out of it. I am going to submit to a show a friend told me about that is art on vinyl records or the covers or both because I have been saving such things for that very purpose for over 15 years. I think they look really cool old but its time to do something with them already.

some of the records are damaged but others of them are in perfect condition.


Friday, December 10th, 2010

Its a little ridiculous, even egotistical to recognize how directly I am affected by how a new piece is coming along. When work is going smoothly, without frustrations, I am in such a good mood. When work is problematic and I am unproductive I am cranky pants outloud! I think I should be more patient either way. Any way, the muse is cooperating today, and when she is, it is very hard for me to leave the easel, BUT with oil paint one has to wait out the drying process and now its time to stop. I could follow the muse’s energy and work on another piece or I could get some long over due chores done. Hmmm, paint, or chores? Paint or chores….

wip: work in progress


Friday, May 21st, 2010


oil on canvas, 18 x 24

this pop eyed girlie had a mind of her own, changing my direction with each bit of layering and so the original idea has gone by the wayside and I will have to mull her over for a few days or weeks. Right now my inclination is to dull down some of the coloration, but also wanting to think out the conceptual aspects…