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Tickled pink by this charming group of dancing altered’s!

Friday, December 20th, 2013

One of the participants in the Barbie Redux workshop, Susan Buchanan, finished her Barbies and they are sooooo much fun! Lively, colorful, imaginative, dancing cirque type characters, I love how she varied the postures. Very fun!! Her work always has a freshness to it!


Barbie Redux Aftermath

Monday, November 11th, 2013

I needed a full day to recuperate from the energy put forth for the Barbie workshop. So much goes into planning and preparation and then, being fully present to help others manifest their ideas. Its the best sort of energy output because it comes back doubled by the creative energy of the people participating. The workshop was held the same weekend as the OJai art and film festival so the town was a buzz with activity and things to do. This may have impacted enrollment as there were only four participants making for the smallest workshop I have ever given. That said, I could not have imagined a nicer, more willing group of creative spirits. What fun we had!!! While one imagines that she is imparting knowledge of some usefulness, truly the questions and observations made by those participating is equally “teaching”. If that makes sense. One thing I learned is that the class needs to be two days, as no one finished, they did get far, but there needs to be more time to fool around with the painting and embellishing part of the activity, and for certain pieces to fully dry. Only one person broke for lunch which made for a long day of six hours. All were troupers!
I have two photos to share and when the artists send me images of their finished works I will post them here.

I am so grateful for an afternoon of playing dolls with like minded creatives, food for the soul…

barbie workshop


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I think I forgot to mention, I’m now a full time member at OVA Arts, so, I have a home base for tricia art. If you are coming into the area be sure to stop by for a look see! I’m excited to be part of the gallery~~

Barbie Redux in Ojai at OVA Arts this Saturday and Sunday

Monday, November 4th, 2013

barbie ornament

barbie in dress copy

glitter barbie

The Keith Lo Bue Workshop

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

The Keith Lo Bue workshop was in San Diego at The Shepardess. It was a very quaint little town center with lush bougainvillea and other exotic foliage.

The workshop itself was fantastic. I learned so much from the super talent. An incredible teacher, lovely person with humor and personality. Very thorough and attentive to all of us.

I met a lot of like minded spirits which made the learning experience even more fun.

We started out by playing with all the junk, I mean found objects we brought and were told to integrate our objects using no glue, easier said than done and a challenge for alllllll. Here is one of the modest things I created:

The goal really wasn’t to create a finished piece but to play with our disparate parts and integrate them by applying different attachment techniques as we learned all the ins and outs of drilling, rotary tools, patinas, metal, glass, wood, wire etc.

We also learned how to weather and distress wood which I incorporated into this little assemblage:

I hope to apply the things I learned which were many) to my figurative type efforts. Keith’s work in person is absolutely phenomenal, exquisite craftsmanship and just gorgeous sculptural quality. TWO thumbs way uppppp!