Ojai Art Detour 2017

May 5th, 2017

2016 ART DETOUR Logo

Ojai Art Detour
If you google The Art Detour you will find that the website indicates there will be no Art Detour this year. The website belongs to Dennis Wood and he has managed the Art Detour for the past ten years. HIs schedule this year is busier than usual and so he decided to take a year off. Because I wanted to participate in the Detour this year, I am taking it on. Dennis has graciously assisted me with a timeline of things that I need to set in motion. This is my first notification.
I don’t plan to build a new website, but I will put information here on Facebook, in the community networks and on my blog. I would appreciate any volunteer assistance.
The annual Detour is scheduled the same weekend as the Ojai Studio Artists Tour, which will be October 14th and 15th from 10 to 5:00. It is open to all artists and mediums.
To enter this year’s tour, complete the entry information below. Email your site information for the brochure/map to patriciaanders@artpropensity.com Entry information and entry fee must be received and completed by 6/5/2017
The entry fee includes two signs (returned at end of tour) for each stop, color brochure/maps.

Image Requirements
One 300 DPI jpg color image of artist work to be used for the brochure.

Entry Fee:
$60.00 per Site/Studio, 1 artist
$90.00 per Site/Studio, 2 or more artists
$90.00 per Business Site

Make checks payable to Patricia Anders
Mail entry fee checks to: 716 El Paseo Road, Ojai, Ca 93023 or you may deliver in person, my studio hours are 10:00 to 3:00. mon – Fri. I will email confirmation.

If you have any questions regarding entering this year’s tour, please call or email Patricia Anders 818 667 7505, patricia@artpropensity.com

update after a long time

April 27th, 2017

I am intending on updating here again more often. I will close the current website, I have not liked it and want to decide on a new one, but I have always enjoyed this blog although just realized I can not make anything but very short videos. Oh and this is my granddaughter: Daniella Mia, Born last October. I AM SMITTEN.

daniella Mia copy

Nasty Pussy Hat Girl

February 22nd, 2017



February 22nd, 2017

studio 6

studio 7

studio 8





studio 11

studio 12



studio 14

studio 15

studio 16


September 25th, 2016

Nearly two years, almost there





I am her

July 30th, 2016

She unfurls her wings. She speaks her mind. She is a beautiful parcel of boldness and grace all wrapped together, brilliant, shining. The more of her own light she allows to shine the more others shine too. From high up she imagines they must look like a constellation.

I am her. You are her. Be her.

I am her 1

Magical Thinking

July 30th, 2016

She insulates herself in a bubble of creativity and beauty. She refutes the brutality of reality in favor of magical thinking. That’s what an artist does.

I am her

magical thinking

watering Herself

June 8th, 2016

See this new painting at Noso Vita Cafe in Ojai!


Ground breaker

May 29th, 2016

oil on canvas 2 x 3
wip groundbreaker 2

sister roots

May 24th, 2016

sisters 2

oil on canvas 2 x 3 feet
original available for sale
prints available