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Joshua Jacober, third session

Sunday, July 15, 2018

We skipped our last Sunday meeting so Joshua could go on vacay with his family. I asked him to take his sketch book with him which he did. I also sent him home with some Zen Tangle tiles. I suggested he use a micro pen instead of pencil, he said but then he couldn/t erase and I said thats okay, try it anyway. It seems he likes the dark contrast of the black ink.

We did warm up exercises, and I set up a simple still life for him to practice his contour drawing. After he drew the contours of the still life I darkened the room and discussed how form is defined by light and shading. I demonstrated ways in which to hold the pencil since Joshua uses his writing stance most of the time adding unecessary pressure which is not useful in shading. I had him draw a full spectrum value scale and asked he apply that to his drawing. I showed him how to sharpen his pencil with an xacto knife and sanding a point using a sand paper block. This gives him more lead to use laying the pencil horizontally as he tones. I asked him NOT to outline as this gives a cartoonish finish when using tone to define a form. I turned out the overhead light and provided a single light source so he could better see the value scale.

I showed Joshua how to draw using a grid on tracing paper and an image from a magazine. He got about half way through, I wanted him to quit and finish at home and bring back to our next session. I wanted to be sure he had time for play.

I wanted to be sure to have at least 30 min at the end of our session for play. I gave him a small wooden block with a treated surface and introduced him to alcohol inks. I had him randomly add colors of his choice, and then work back into the piece with a white gel pen to highligt his brand of zen tangles. we went over time and would have continued if the gel pen had not gone kaput. His atc sized wood block is looking beautiful. I enjoy Joshua's enthusiasm and ideas.

I am experimenting and thinking of ways in which to continue with Joshua's interest in Compact drawing, that can further enhance his style. Will be working with vellum and encaustic soon.


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